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Hey everyone. New to this site so its my first post.

I have just gone through my three sets of interviews at Deloitte and was given an offer of high 60s for a senior consultant out of NYC. Doesnt this sound very low to you guys?

I have an MBA and have been working for coming up on 4 years in the industry. I have read tons of article that said 75 to 135k for senior consultants. My coworker says PwC starts seniors at 75. Any idea whats going on??

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Comments (20)

  • manbearpig's picture

    Very very low. I'm at 100K base as a senior consultant in Toronto, and I have 1 year experience (I have an MFE, not MBA). I was recruited out of another company. They asked me to give them a number. I told them 100, and they agreed.

    Ask for more money.


  • rollo89's picture

    Makes no sense, I got an offer from them out of college paying 80k. I would inquire

  • cartman's picture

    dude that's low as shit, i know guys straight out of undergrad for deloitte that make the same if not more than that

  • corvette01's picture

    Yea I didnt think it made any sense either. I had 85 to 95 and they said they couldnt even go anywhere near that.

  • NeverSurrender's picture
  • manbearpig's picture

    If you are already working some place else, I would pass on this offer. If you have nothing else, take it for the paycheck and keep looking elsewhere.

    You are getting seriously lowballed though.


  • corvette01's picture

    Yes I'm currently working for about the same. I just dont know if another opportunity like this will come up. I also wonder if i'm there for a year or so if they will make up the difference in raises.

  • manbearpig's picture

    That's a good point. If you like your growth prospects better here, then it might be worthwile to make the switch.


  • corvette01's picture

    It was in Enterprise Risk Services. Technology Risk

  • manbearpig's picture

    That might explain the difference. I'm in capital markets and banking advisory.


  • DavidKappoKaplan's picture

    Yes that group receives lower compensation.

  • TopDGO's picture

    chron3k asked the right question. You're applying for an audit position. Comp will suck and will continue to suck unless you stick it out until you're a partner. Definitely turn that one down unless you want your MBA to be meaningless.

  • corvette01's picture

    OK thanks. What do you suggest I do then? My ug degree is in MIS but only work is in IT audit. What other rolls can I get into that would pay higher? Do you think I could transfer out of that department once I'm in the door?

  • manbearpig's picture

    I've definitely heard of people moving out of audit after putting in 2-3 years of effort. You just need to learn as much as you can about other groups and network hard with SMs and partners. I've also heard that the easiest way to get promoted in big4 is to change groups.

    Out of curiosity, what do you currently do? And where?


  • corvette01's picture

    I'm in IT audit now for a defense contractor. Hmmmm decisions....I'll have to figure out what to do soon.

  • abacab's picture

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