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Hey everyone. New to this site so its my first post.

I have just gone through my three sets of interviews at Deloitte and was given an offer of high 60s for a senior consultant out of NYC. Doesnt this sound very low to you guys?

I have an MBA and have been working for coming up on 4 years in the industry. I have read tons of article that said 75 to 135k for senior consultants. My coworker says PwC starts seniors at 75. Any idea whats going on??

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    Very very low. I'm at 100K base as a senior consultant in Toronto, and I have 1 year experience (I have an MFE, not MBA). I was recruited out of another company. They asked me to give them a number. I told them 100, and they agreed.

    Ask for more money.


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    If you are already working some place else, I would pass on this offer. If you have nothing else, take it for the paycheck and keep looking elsewhere.

    You are getting seriously lowballed though.


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    Yes I'm currently working for about the same. I just dont know if another opportunity like this will come up. I also wonder if i'm there for a year or so if they will make up the difference in raises.

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    That's a good point. If you like your growth prospects better here, then it might be worthwile to make the switch.


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    chron3k asked the right question. You're applying for an audit position. Comp will suck and will continue to suck unless you stick it out until you're a partner. Definitely turn that one down unless you want your MBA to be meaningless.