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I know that a Master's in quantitative finance will help you get a quant job, but do banks/HF actively recruit Master's recipients for trading roles?

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Comments (5)

  • Schumacher's picture

    Somebody asks this question at least once every two weeks.

    Yes, trading desks at banks and hedge funds recruit from Masters and MFE programs and job placement is phenomenal.

    The catch is that good programs are EXTREMELY competitive to get into (acceptance rates of 15% or lower are the norm). Not to overgeneralize but the classes are usually comprised of Indian and Chinese brainiacs with 4.0 GPA's in Computer Science and Math, who most likely already have banking/trading experience.

    Moral of the story: if your don't think you have the cred to work in trading already, then you probably don't have the cred to gain admission into these programs either.

  • Disjoint's picture

    Depends which programs you go to... AS Schumacher mentioned the good ones are extremely hard to get into, and the bad ones worthless (IMHO)

    Remember, you will always be a salesman, no matter how fancy your title is.
    - My ex girlfriend

  • aachimp's picture
  • Disjoint's picture

    You can get a pretty decent idea of what is good and what is bad by looking at the job placements of each program. Or when half of your interviewers went to your school...
    Or when the CEO of Deutsher Bank teaches at your school ;) (sorry for the mispelling)

    Remember, you will always be a salesman, no matter how fancy your title is.
    - My ex girlfriend

  • lifeofpurpose's picture

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