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I recently came back after taking time off to go to europe for a few months. I'm updating my wardrobe. My neck dropped from a 16.5 to now needing 15.5-16. I'm buying new CT shirts and have a jhilburn lady coming in today to get measured for new shirts.

After putting on all my trousers, I feel as if I am swimming in them. Threw them all out. Where is a good place, comparative to shirts at CT, to get lets say 6-8 pairs of slacks? I have about 4 suits, but need dress trousers for when I'm not wearing suits, they should more like suit bottoms rather than casual trousers.

JoSABank is running a 3 pants for $225, Hilburn pants are $225 each, CT pants are around $150 each. Are JosABank pants shitty in feel and construction compared to CT or Hilburn?

P.S I have a 32.5 waist, 30 length. Help me find where to find nice tailored fit dress trousers without spending $250 on each unless the money is really worth it. Thanks!!

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    Jos A Bank is fine. Please dont call them trousers. They are pants.

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    Definitely check out banana republic

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    I got some decent CK ones at Macy's for like $75/each that are probably my favorite couple I own. Also, tmur is right about Nordstrom Rack.

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    I'll say this about Banana Republic pants, they suck. Especially for their price. I have a bunch of them and the crotch always wears out. Quality has dropped over the years. Now I send them to the dry cleaner and they put in reinforced groin areas and tighten up the buttons, but still, WTF.

    Jos is probably fine for slacks. No cuff and no pleat (unless you are fat). I'll probably snag some BB pants when the big sale happens, but that is only because I am unimaginative and relatively lazy when it comes to where to shop.