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Have offers from a few of the listed boutiques:

Perella Weinberg

Would be interested in the hours and overall work culture/environment at these firms.


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    I've heard consistently, from multiple friends who work/worked there that Lazard has some of the toughest hours and one of the coldest, harshest work environments in the game --- no one above you will have any mercy whatsoever. That being said, it has perhaps the best name out of all those you listed (in my mind). No idea about the others really, though I see people on this site post that they really like it at Greenhill (nice people, slightly better hours, etc).

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    As Int'l Pymp says, LAZ has a rep for being a particularly brutal workplace. I have heard good things about both GHL and PWP from people who work there, in terms of both bearable hours and nice people. From the few people I know at EVR, it seems a bit colder and more impersonal, though I don't know that many people there so shouldn't comment too much. Don't know much about HLHZ.

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    Echo above comments on LAZ and GHL. Don't know much on PWP or EVR, but HLHZ depends on NY/LA. I have heard LA is a sweatshop, especially for restructuring. NY Restructuring is also supposedly brutal, although the slowdown in that side of the business could potentially lighten the load a bit. Also, have heard exit ops don't justify the hours and culture, relatively to the exit ops from the other shops (bar perhaps PWP which seems to be a step behind the others, maybe because they do a lot of direct promotes).

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    Everything I've heard about HLHZ (at least NY) is that its a lifestyle bank. I know 2 kids who worked there (one was there even in 2008-2009) and they said they would get at 7pm-8pm regularly and barely worked weekends. Of course this is anecdotal evidence from a very small sample size so take it with a grain of salt.

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    "Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America."

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    A couple years ago a Lazard (NY) interviewer asked: "How many hours are there in a week? Great, how do you feel about working 120 of them?" My buddy who was being interviewed had the impression that the interviewer wasn't joking.

    One of those lights, slightly brighter than the rest, will be my wingtip passing over.

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    Wow, 120 hours. That's fucking brutal. I had my first 75 hour week last week and it was terrible. I can't even imagine 120.


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    2x2Matrix wrote:
    A couple years ago a Lazard (NY) interviewer asked: "How many hours are there in a week? Great, how do you feel about working 120 of them?" My buddy who was being interviewed had the impression that the interviewer wasn't joking.

    lol. Add to that a very impersonal culture, and working at LAZ could be horrific. Again, it comes with some very good experience though.

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    Evercore and Greenhill have more friendly cultures from what I hear from people working there. PWP also treats their analysts well (they only have 6 in NY) and Perella writes your business school recs personally. Not sure about overall culture but I hear they really take care of their analysts.

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    "although they may be known better for their fairness opinions. Anyways, I know an associate over at HLHZ and he is worked like a horse - he has mentioned to me that staying past 2 AM occurs more often than not. Keep in mind, that they are currently very busy and have alot in the pipeline. Futhermore, I hear the pay is quite generous."

    That has nothing to do with anything. End ruling: not elite.

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    Evercore is top notch. Caveat is not every analyst gets top level deal experience. No matter how large the deal is (e.g. CenturyLink), there is still only 1 analyst on the deal, usually that person is not a first year. Know people who went to Warburg Pincus this past year also know people who went to no name PE.

    Lazard needs to fix its hiring. Over half of the summers did not get return offers. Hot blonde (9 or 9.5 without beer goggles) in their first year class though.

    HLHZ is not an elite boutique.....

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    Wasn't Lazard the place where the MD's throw printers at analysts?

    People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis, you can't trust people Jeremy

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    My mentor from early in my career is now a MD at Greenhill. He loves it there, and if he is an indication of the type of senior people they have there, it would be a great place to work. He's the single best person I ever met on Wall St - highly knowledgeable, great with clients and a genuinely good person.