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How'd everyone do this go around? I get a sense that the street was very tough this year but all of the focus is on IBD and not ER so there's very few data points. I think it's helpful to collect as much comp info as possible to understand the health of our business and also for people to know whether they're fairly compensated. Obviously privacy/anonymity is important here but fill out something generic if you don't mind, as I have done below.

Firm Type: MM (Jefferies/RBC/Stifel)
Location: NYC
Role: 3rd Year ER Associate
Base: Raised to 90k from 80k
Bonus: 50k cash

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    First year at a BB could expect 65-70k and bonus of 0-40k. There's no such thing as "the norm" anymore and that's one of the reasons I created this thread; to get a feel for ER pay on the street. On the lower end, some people have quoted all in pay at 40-50k for 1st years at smaller shops.

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    I'm having a hard time even getting phone interviews for ER Associate positions with ~17 months FT experience in a MF capacity, passed Level I of CFA and currently studying for Level II.

    They straight up tell me, "We want people with extensive modeling capabilities that can hit the ground running." How do people get jobs like this right out of undergrad?

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    Maybe it's sample bias? People who are happy with their bonus are more likely to report it?

    I'm in your camp - I WISH I got a 50K bonus so that I can pay off a huge chunk of my remaining student loans.

    I thought the bull-case for my bonus 35K so I was way off the mark lol

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    DCFwacc, if you don't mind, can you explain your path from undergrad to 1st-year associate?

    My name is Nicky, but you can call me Dre.

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    aempirei wrote:
    DCFwacc, if you don't mind, can you explain your path from undergrad to 1st-year associate?


    Small private college in northeast, very average in terms of academic credibility and next to nothing in the way of finance OCR. I took a job with an investment data platform (one of Bloomberg/Thomson/FactSet) - figured it'd be my best shot at networking with AM and research guys, though it's by no means the kind of job one should strive for if you want to get into research. Did very well while there, got 2 promotions, sat for CFA level I. Started HEAVY networking last year while studying for Level II. Reached out to anyone and everyone - the few UG alum that made their way into finance, random linkedin connections, cold calling HR, etc. Ended up with a handful of interviews, and got 2 offers out of it, but it took a good 10 months of serious effort. The job I took was for a brand new industry vertical (initiating coverage) at a firm with a growing reputation in research and with a senior analyst with a good rep that came over from a BB. Started last June.