Hello friends,

My name is John Jenkins and I come here today seeking your advice.

I recently got a junior year internship with Goldman Sachs AM in NYC, and have accepted the offer. I've also been put into FT Recruitment for Rothschild and Lazard, as well as personally met many important individuals within GS M&A / SSG while interviewing who seem rather willing to help me out.

Although GSAM is interesting and I'm more than grateful for the opportunity, Asset Management is not what I want to be doing nor does it truly captivate my interest.

So, how the do I successfully lateral from GSAM to GS IB / SSG without pissing the fuck out of my current summer team and for the most part "not fail."

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it is just an internship, if you can get an M&A gig now then then pick it. Else, crush your internship, get an offer and find a way to get an M&A role next year.


People have definitely made the switch, although there are a few groups in GSAM that are considered better than IB in terms of culture/exit opps/actual work. Make sure you actually don't like your group before trying to switch.

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