I've got a case interview scheduled with Harris Williams in early January. Has anyone been through their case interview before? I am interviewing for a Summer Associate (not analyst) position but I assume their case interview will be similar to an analyst case interview.

Any info is greatly appreciated.

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O god!!! Harris Williams....

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ha - thanks Mezzcat. I hear they still pay bonuses in cash though, so it might be worth working in the middle market.


I went through the SA process for HW last winter, and got an offer (didn't accept though).

I never got a case interview, just a lot of 2 on 1s, usually an Analyst/Associate w/ an MD/D. Senior guys there are really cool, and despite what everyone says about doing cookie cutter sell sides, they are pretty good at what they do.

Interviews were a combo of fit/technical, with tech if you have a finance background of some kind. Since their a small firm, and closely knit, the personality is def important, but overall their a laid back firm, with everyone working quite hard, even given its "regional" status or whatever.

Sorry I can't help about the case interview



Which office / any particular group?



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