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I have to present a hedge fund case study on a stock to a long/short shop on Tuesday. The company is a fairly known retail company. Does anyone have any experience doing take home case studies and then presenting them for hedge funds? Would love to have some guidance and examples if possible. I know I dont have a lot of time.

Let me know.


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    2 questions on these hedge fund case studies:
    1) If you're going in to present a stock they picked for you, does that mean they prefer a powerpoint or written submission?
    2) Since they picked the stock, what if you don't find it compelling to buy or sell? Can you pitch a price a target that's not too off from market or assuming that's frowned upon?

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    I'm too inexperienced to be any type of authority here, but I've had a few of these and typically when they pick a company for you it's either one they've recently done some work on and ended up not putting a position on (in which case it's okay to be mum on giving a recommendation) or a company they already have in their portfolio. Only suggestions I'd have for you are to look at the 13F and see if they own the company long or short, and if not then don't worry about "getting it wrong." Just present a valid case or evidence that makes it okay to not have conviction one way or the other. They want to see how you analyze a company and how you go about picking a stock, there's typically not a right or wrong answer (unless they're long the company and you have it as a conviction sell...)

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