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If the research division asks you : what is your favorite class in college?

will I need to gear my answers towards the a career of ER?


if they have asked you

if you have 10,000 USD, what would you invest?
- For this, isn't it dependent my investment goal?

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    If I asked the "favorite class" question, I'd be looking to understand if the reasons you liked that class translated into reasons you might be good at and like research (e.g. analyzing a lot of information, figuring out what the key drivers are, trying to predict what an outcome might be given the key drivers, communicating your opinion about something to an audience). Your answer does not have to be a finance or econ class, but if you've taken some kind of class where you picked or analyzed stocks, it would be unusual for you not to mention that.

    Yes where you'd invest money does depend on your investment goals and time horizon. The interviewer wants to know that you appreciate how those things can affect your answer, but they also want to hear your reasons why you picked a particular investment.

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    Whenever I ask favorite classes... I always cringe when someone says something like: Advanced Microeconomics.

    I mean, really?

    I'd show you have some character and answer truthfully. For me, it was a World Musics and Cultures class. Personally I'd like these answers more than some Financial Theory class. It's just not true for most people.

    No idea on question 2.