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I have previous IB internship experience and bit of buy-side experience as well. During my undergrad days I networked with people in investment banking through emails like: "I'm in school XYZ and want to learn more about IB career...informational meeting, etc" (This was when I had no IB experience so it made sense for me to email them and ask about it)

I am wondering how would I email investment bankers now since "I want to learn more about IB" doesn't really make sense (since I already worked in IB).

Looking to jump from boutique to MM/BB

Thanks guys

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    Just say you want to learn about their experience working at a larger bank. Ask them about how the culture might be different, the workload considering there is more people, do they feel they are doing impactfull work considering they run some of the largest deals in the world.... Go on like that

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    What dogboo said. Also general feedback on steps you've taken to get where they are and further advice.

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    Maybe instead mention that you found their background interesting and would like to know more about his/her experiences in xyz industry.

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