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Description below:


The Investments Group is the core of BlackRock''s premier, global investment management expertise. As an intern on the team, your responsibilities may include:

- Support in the creation, production and delivery of risk management reports
- Help portfolio managers to apply proprietary techniques for portfolio construction and alpha generation
- Maintain general sector allocations and consistency with the group''s portfolio strategy
- Handle client inquiries by providing a professional investment experience and resolving account-related issues accurately
- Work closely with the Investments group in coordinating client requests, general portfolio investment strategy and daily investment activities

Qualities of an Investments Candidate:

- A passion for the markets and investing
- Ability to operate in a team-oriented and collaborative environment
- Excellent analytical, communication and interpersonal skills
- Self-motivated, flexible and adaptable in an ever-changing environment
- Exercises good judgment coupled with the ability to make decisions quickly
- Possesses an affinity for intelligent risk taking
- Ability to produce high-quality, detail-oriented work


At BlackRock, wouldn't "front office" be either a research analyst position (e.g. http://blackrock.jobs/london-gbr/investments-fixed...) or a Sales positions (e.g. http://blackrock.jobs/virtual-hkg/sales-and-market...)?

This job description talks about "risk" a lot, which is always a red flag, right (not that risk management is bad, just saying that if it's mentioned it's probably MO)?

One last thing: when they emailed me about the interview, they mentioned "Summer intern position with the BlackRock Investments" - now that's not specific, but the above is the position I applied to. I have FO offers from reputable firms, so should I avoid this?

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Comments (6)

  • nontargetPSD92's picture

    portfolio mgmt is definitely front office

    "Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be"

  • idragmazda's picture

    sounds like a lot of reporting and misc back-end work. If you have FO offers, I would avoid this.

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  • fortes_fortuna's picture

    No, this is definitely as front office as it gets for BR, unless you want to be an account manager. RQA (Risk Quantitative Analysis) is the back office group that deals with internal risk.

  • CaR's picture

    PM is a front office function, but as an intern you will only be playing an assistance role. Risk Management and the other daily tasks in the description are typically middle office type things, but that's only because no one is going to let an intern talk to clients and make meaningful decisions. It's a front office internship, and a good one at that.

  • skyhigh14's picture

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