I am in the interviewing stage for 3 financial companies, and I need some advice on which is a better career. I have a masters in financial engineering, and I am just starting out in finance field.
I am currently interviewing as financial analyst with Key Bank, financial advisor with Morgan Stanley, and Analytic Consultant 2 for Wells Fargo. I am concern about job security, work culture and environment, and developing a career.

All interviews are going great so far.

I would deeply appreciate comments and insights. Thank you.

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well what do you want to do, career goals?

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Thanks for your response. my original intention was to work in a prop trading firm but they are hard to get into without prior experience or internship directly related. Some shops in NY wanted me to trade for just compensation, I thought that may be hard on me with the high living expense in NY. I interned with ICAP during the summer basically writing vba codes. Investment analyst would be my next real option besides trading. I applied to these other positions to gain footing into the finance realm


If you have a MFE, you're overqualified for all of them - especially financial advisory (unless that is something you want to do). My personal preference would lead me to 1) Wells Fargo 2) Key Bank 3) Morgan Stanley.

I only knock MS because I wouldn't like the process of finding clients. Many programs want new employees to start with friends and relatives. No thanks.

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