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What's the ladder at each consulting firm?

Deloitte Consulting:

Analyst (Undergrad) => Consultant = > Senior Consultant (MBA) => Manager => Senior Manager => Principal / Director.

Principal E => Principal D => Principal C = > Principal B = > Principal A.

Director should be (not 100% sure on this) => 1,2,3,4,5.

Deloitte also has the specialist route - for its technology folks that don't want to do Project Management and want to simply stay in the system.

Analyst => Specialist => Senior Specialist = > Specialist Master = > Specialist Leader

I know you can't make Principal this route but not sure about Director.

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Comments (16)

  • ringtailedlemur's picture

    From memory, so I could be off.

    Business Analyst -->(MBA) --> Associate (Senior Associate) --> Engagement Manager --> Associate Principal --> Partner --> Director

    Associate Consultant (Senior Associate Consultant) --> (MBA) --> Consultant --> Case Team Leader --> Manager --> Partner

    Associate --> (MBA) --> Consultant --> Project Leader --> Principal --> Partner

    (EDITED: Thanks for the corrections)

  • ews09's picture

    For McKinsey, the first post-MBA position is Associate, not Consultant. Everything else above is accurate.

  • mxc's picture

    Bain is
    Associate consultant
    Senior AC
    Consultant (not everyone does CTL)

  • kennethlchen's picture

    I know people that are senior associates at McK - that's what it says on their business card.

  • PorcineAviation's picture

    * apologies double post

  • In reply to PorcineAviation
    kennethlchen's picture

    OW (FS):
    Consultant --> Partner

    so OW only has two positions? consultant and partner ? that's hard to believe.

  • indenturedprimate's picture


    Associate --> Associate Consultant --> (MBA) --> Consultant --> Manager --> Partner (technically, the title is VP)

  • dagro's picture

    mckinsey has a junior associate, tho i'm not sure what that means..

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  • Dickens15's picture

    What are the pay levels for these positions? How about at a firm like Monitor?

  • Cmoss's picture

    this is a great thread!

  • In reply to Dickens15
    kennethlchen's picture

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