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I have a solid GPA but I have some even stronger grades in a couple classes considered especially difficult. So, should I put something like:

"Coursework: X, Y, Z (A+), etc." for the class I got the great grade in (Z)

or should i just list the classes without any particular grades and rely just on my cumulative GPA?

I could see that the first way might make me look like a tool, but i'd look like a tool if I mentioned the grade in an interview anyway. So the alternative seems to be hoping the interviewer looks at my transcript for him/herself.

Thanks for input.

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  • dosk17's picture

    And you should not mention grades for specific classes either, that will definitely make you seem like a tool.

    Your GPA is what it is. Banks use it as a method of screening resumes, but once they've selected people to interview it's close to irrelevant.

    If your GPA is already "solid" there's really no point in listing anything more specific than your cumulative GPA.

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    From this forum and people I've talked to, if you have above a 3.7 you should be OK in a difficult major. Some firms ask for an unofficial copy of your transcript anyways and have access to it.

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    first, what if the people interviewing you do not know how hard course xyz is? then putting down your grade for that course makes you seem like a tool. you have to remember that those screening your resume dont know everything about your school.

    second, they will eventually ask for transcripts (most will anyways) and if you have a solid gpa, theres no need to list individual grades. you can, however, list relevant coursework like financial accounting.