I have like really low GPA around 3.0
my only asset is that I go to a target school and study finance...pretty obvious one
I somehow made it to the first round interview of BAML Asia-Pacific(Trading)...
Considering the fact that their GPA cutoff is officially 3.5.
I was totally amazed that I got even invited.
I rather expected to invited from second tier players like RBS or HSBC (HSBC rejected me in 30 minutes after submission)
I feel so excited and wish to do well on interviews
BUT I have basically no idea how to answer gpa related questions if asked...
and im not even sure that I will eventually make to at least one of BBs trading desk..
people in my school rarely talk about their gpa unless its 3.7 or above..
anyone here at wso once had the same worries about low GPA and made to BBs trading desk???

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GPA helps if you don't know how to network or interview. Congrats.


You got the interview despite a 3.0 because you attend Wharton. In your case, School name > GPA

They probably thought ur low GPA is due to a bad freshmen year or something. Either way, be ready to talk about your GPA in your interview


Have a story ready for the GPA. Usually GPA don't matter after the screening process, but when someone picks up your application for your interview, they'll be pretty confused as to why you're there. Have a great story about why you want to do S&T too.

--Meliora sequimur


I had a 3.1-3.2 range GPA and got plenty of interviews (including offers) at BB NY desks and prop firms.

You got the interview. Congrats. Now its all up to you. If you crush the interview the last thing on the guy's mind will be your GPA. If they do ask you about your GPA (which happened with me twice), give a quick reason. Ideally, you would have an upward trend and you can explain it that way.

Worrying about your GPA right now serves no purpose other than procrastination. Get some guides and get to work.


Thank you everyone for advice!
I have two interviews scheduled next week and hope to get still more for APAC recruiting.
If all of them dont work out, I will still try out for NY OCR
I felt helpless when I submitted my application doubting my chance to get thru resume screening..
I had tragic personal circumstances for several years that I couldnt really focus anything going on school..
Now with interviews on my hand, its time to get on track..


Can you guys explain a little more what your networking entailed with a low GPA?


Ditto to wonderingkid


if you are at an interview and you have a low GPA there is a reason that you are there, identify that and build on it.


wonderingkid & elliotwavesurfer> Networking doesn't change whether you have a good or bad GPA. Networking is important in order to get that first interview. Once you have the interview, the GPA barrier doesn't really hold as much as its your performance during the interview that dictates getting the offer.

In terms of networking to make sure you get that interview here are some steps:
1. Start early. Everyone is trying to network and impress during fall (for FT) and spring (for SA). Start the summer before (for FT) or winterbreak (for SA) at the latest.
2. Go to all the info sessions. However, note that its not all that important. Yea its great when you hit it off with a particular person but generally there is just too many people vying for a few professionals attention.
3. Hustle outside of organized fairs/info sessions. Basically, to circumvent the scenario under #2, you try and personally set up informational interviews. This way you circumvent the crowd and differentiate yourself in a big way. Now, there are tons of ways of doing this:

a) Alumni: HUGE. Look, people need to realize that bankers/traders while busy aren't rock stars. The fact that a 20 year old kid is genuinely interested in learning more about their day to day job makes them feel good. Most people inherently like mentoring the younger generation. You can contact your career services, find our if you school has a mentoring service, or just go on Linkedin and search for professionals that have gone to your school. Most likely they are members of your school's alumni group in Linkedin so you can easily send a message to them. Shoot a short message just introducing yourself and asking for some of their time in order to understand the industry.

b) General internet directory: I used this in order to find out more info on energy trading. I went on the website of the various ISOs (similar to exchanges I guess) which often list a trading representative for a particular firm. I developed an email and shot a bunch of them out asking if they would be willing to have a quick phone call about the industry. I secured over 20 calls via this process, many asking for my resume, interviewing me, or forwarding my info to HR. I ended up going with an offer I got off of my school's OCR but I could have very well secured an offer via this method. This applies to people that might be at non-targets or at targets but in industries where your alumni base isn't big.

c) Friends, family: Ask around to see if you have any friends or family in the business. If you are in a fraternity you might have a brother whose dad works at a place you would like to work at as well (happened with me). Your professor might know an old student who can set you up for an info call which can lead to something. Its steps like this that can lead you to a job regardless of your GPA.

A low GPA doesn't mean your resume is crap. Your resume still needs to show that you can bring something to the table. A resume is comprised of: i) academics ii) work experience iii)extra curriculars. If you have low GPA make sure your other two aspects are very strong. The OP and I had a PM conversation and I found out he had great work experience so it wasn't surprising he got the interviews. If you can bring something to the table and you are willing to hustle you can probably secure the type of job you want.


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