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I have like really low GPA around 3.0
my only asset is that I go to a target school and study finance...pretty obvious one
I somehow made it to the first round interview of BAML Asia-Pacific(Trading)...
Considering the fact that their GPA cutoff is officially 3.5.
I was totally amazed that I got even invited.
I rather expected to invited from second tier players like RBS or HSBC (HSBC rejected me in 30 minutes after submission)
I feel so excited and wish to do well on interviews
BUT I have basically no idea how to answer gpa related questions if asked...
and im not even sure that I will eventually make to at least one of BBs trading desk..
people in my school rarely talk about their gpa unless its 3.7 or above..
anyone here at wso once had the same worries about low GPA and made to BBs trading desk???

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  • brokencircle13's picture

    Have a story ready for the GPA. Usually GPA don't matter after the screening process, but when someone picks up your application for your interview, they'll be pretty confused as to why you're there. Have a great story about why you want to do S&T too.

    --Meliora sequimur

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    I had a 3.1-3.2 range GPA and got plenty of interviews (including offers) at BB NY desks and prop firms.

    You got the interview. Congrats. Now its all up to you. If you crush the interview the last thing on the guy's mind will be your GPA. If they do ask you about your GPA (which happened with me twice), give a quick reason. Ideally, you would have an upward trend and you can explain it that way.

    Worrying about your GPA right now serves no purpose other than procrastination. Get some guides and get to work.

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    Thank you everyone for advice!
    I have two interviews scheduled next week and hope to get still more for APAC recruiting.
    If all of them dont work out, I will still try out for NY OCR
    I felt helpless when I submitted my application doubting my chance to get thru resume screening..
    I had tragic personal circumstances for several years that I couldnt really focus anything going on school..
    Now with interviews on my hand, its time to get on track..