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i am at a non-target school, 3.85 GPA, major in Finance, analyst concentration, im going into my junior year. since summer is pretty much already here, this will regard next summer. im looking to break into hedge fund internship in summer 2013. assuming i stay at 3.85(less or more). what hedge funds(small, large, strategy wise) would even consider a non target applicant at 3.85 gpa? i know networking is big part of it but whats the picture look like for me? I've heard of a couple of people out of my school who have done well for themselves on wall st.

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    It will be tough. I was lucky and got an opportunity to work at one through an alumni contact. Here's short list of some of the hedge funds in NYC
    There's another list somewhere on this site but I can't remember where it is. Also this list might be slightly outdated.

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    Thanks for the comments and resources, i am part of the investment club at the school and know some descent contacts, greenwich and stamford does not seem too bad actually, ill look into it

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    Yeah it takes more than GPA to get a HF internship; it can even be lower than that but from my experience the majority of them are gotten through connections. Def check out Greenwich and Stamford; I work at one in Greenwich now and it's great. It's tough cause a lot of funds prefer to remain private (mine doesn't let me list its name on LinkedIn). Also, don't expect to get an offer from most funds; only do it for the experience and connections. Good luck.

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