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Anyone heard of them/know more about them? I've searched for them on here but couldnt find much.

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    Funny you should bring them up as I just recently found out about them myself.

    Very active Private Placement/PIPE/"alt capital financing" practice, especially in the tech sector. The league table in the pitch I saw said they were one of, if not the most active agent in the Tech Alt Financing space (depending on time period). Although it's incredibly niche, I was impressed given their total obscurity and the relative brand names of the shops they were beating out on the list (other suspects were MMs: PJ, RJ, William Blair, Stifel, Rodman & Renshaw, Oppenheimer, etc.).

    I should also note that the pitch wasn't theirs, so the league table was slightly more credible (if they had put themselves at the top of their own league table, I would have largely dismissed it as BS - even though the table was probably BS in a number of other ways).

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    SHORTmyCDO wrote:
    They work with a lot of sketchy, OTC Chinese companies so I can't see them having much deal flow in this environment. A lot of PIPEs and other private placements. I would stay away for FT.

    Recent WSJ article about them shutting down China operations. For a while they were making a killing doing reverse mergers, but there was no due diligence going on...Needless to say Chinese reverse mergers aren't exactly popular anymore.

    Edit: Here is the article http://online.wsj.com/article/SB100014241278873240...

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