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New Poster Here. I'm finishing a bachelor's in chemistry from a decent (non-ivy) private school in May (3.7 GPA). Did two internships in the field over the past 2 years and hated it. This past summer I helped my brother (a trader) and got to know the financial risk management guys at his firm well. Long story short, I want to go into FRM. Problem is I've been applying to risk management jobs all year and no interviews or offers.

I got into a top-50 public school near my home where I can complete a second bachelors in two semesters. Question is, is it worth it? Also, what major might help me the most - I was thinking Statistics or Engineering? What kind of competition am I looking at to get into FRM?

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    I would also agree on the masters in finance route. Im in the one at princeton and can tell you tons of firms come here to hire grads in risk management.

    good programs to check out:

    I should warn you of two things:
    1. There is a range of focus in these degrees. Some try to cover all areas of finance (Pton, MIT), some try to approach from a computational aspect (CMU), while others have a mathematical focus. And they are sometimes named differently- a masters in financial engineering might not sound as appealing to employers now as a masters in finance.

    2. Most of the deadlines for this fall have passed. I think Berkeley might be still accepting applications.