Taking the series 86 in a couple weeks. Have heard from a few people it can be a challenging test to pass. Any advice from past test takers? Using STC study materials as of now, hoping those are sufficient to pass. Appreciate the help!

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The STC materials are plenty sufficient in my experience. It's probably a bit harder than the others one you had to take (assuming you're already done with 7 and 63), but that's not saying very much. Just read the material and do the practice problems and you should be fine. Don't wing it though - it'd suck to stumble on what is a pretty easy hurdle in the grand scheme of things.

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STC materials were terrible IMO, best bet is to take their practice tests multiple times but try not to memorize answers on them. If a topic/question seems confusing look it up in the readings but i wouldn't waste your time reading through everything. The key to this test is just accepting the way they do it (calculations/rationale) and moving on, don't argue/fight it or you will get bogged down.


Passed this today but not by much. Was scoring mid 80s on STC practice tests and scored a 75. Nonetheless happy to have it over with. On to the 87 now...any separate advice for that exam? Thanks as always


Passing is passing, that's all that matters for these exams!

87 was significantly easier. Took me a day and half to prep and I scored in the low 90s. I actually read all of the STC material for that one then took a few mocks.

Go crush it.

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