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Anyone know anything about them? Seem to be a great hedge fund but just don't hear much about them even though they seem to be pretty big ($8bn I believe)?

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Comments (14)

  • SpacemanSpiff's picture

    Value guys. High net worth / Family money. Long time horizon. Concentrated portfolio. Small team. Good shop. Driving to Mill Valley is a pain. Think AUM is actually $10B plus.

  • Gray Fox's picture

    These guys are really, really good. Sometimes the best places are the ones you don't hear a lot about

  • mikemilken's picture

    You seem to know a lot about these guys.

  • West Coast rainmaker's picture

    I know a bit about these guys after reading about their investment in Plum Creek Timber. Great firm, makes concentrated investments, focuses on investing like owners. If I remember correctly, they particularly like firms with high FCF yields. FPR (another SF fund) takes a similar approach.

    I'd kill to work for either, but I have no idea how you would get hired. They're small and have low turnover.

  • xqtrack's picture

    They're small but they have pretty high turnover because they hire kids out of banking to go to 3-year pre-mba stints after which point they are almost always expected to go to business school (from what I understand not looking to make new partners). Pretty good place, though I don't know what I would do as a junior guy working at a place that only had 8 names in the portfolio and rarely turned them over...

  • mikemilken's picture

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    I hate victims who respect their executioners