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Anyone know anything about them? Seem to be a great hedge fund but just don't hear much about them even though they seem to be pretty big ($8bn I believe)?

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Comments (14)

  • SpacemanSpiff's picture

    Value guys. High net worth / Family money. Long time horizon. Concentrated portfolio. Small team. Good shop. Driving to Mill Valley is a pain. Think AUM is actually $10B plus.

  • Gray Fox's picture

    These guys are really, really good. Sometimes the best places are the ones you don't hear a lot about

  • mikemilken's picture

    You seem to know a lot about these guys.

  • West Coast rainmaker's picture

    I know a bit about these guys after reading about their investment in Plum Creek Timber. Great firm, makes concentrated investments, focuses on investing like owners. If I remember correctly, they particularly like firms with high FCF yields. FPR (another SF fund) takes a similar approach.

    I'd kill to work for either, but I have no idea how you would get hired. They're small and have low turnover.

  • xqtrack's picture

    They're small but they have pretty high turnover because they hire kids out of banking to go to 3-year pre-mba stints after which point they are almost always expected to go to business school (from what I understand not looking to make new partners). Pretty good place, though I don't know what I would do as a junior guy working at a place that only had 8 names in the portfolio and rarely turned them over...

  • In reply to mikemilken
    Gray Fox's picture


    You seem to know a lot about these guys.

    Can't tell if you are being serious and inquisitive or a dick?

  • mikemilken's picture

    Hi Gray,

    I was referring to SpacemanSpiff, was surprised that he knew about them in depth. Not many people even in SF know about them.

    Met a few of their folks and they seem like nice guys. They do have high turnover of staff. I believe one of their founding partners (oberndoff) has started his own family office.

    It should be a great place for a young guy as the low turnover would give her the time to think and properly understand an investment.


  • parvenu's picture

    These guys are great. Fundamental, deep value, large aum per investor. They recruit out of banking through headhunters same as other hedge funds like farallon, maverick, eton park, glenview, baupost, etc. Know a few people who interviewed there, but only one who actually got a job.

  • In reply to mikemilken
    BlackHat's picture

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