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Got an email at 2am to arrange a phone interview from HK. Fair enough, I gave the person my availability and agreed on a set interview time. He also mentioned that another colleague will also be interviewing me at a different time and will contact me arrange that. So I went back to sleep soon after that.

Phone rang at 6am, barely woke up and picked up the phone, turns out it was the other banker who was supposed to set up an interview. Person immediately said:
"Hi there I'm calling from Bank A, can I interview you now?"
"Umm I wasn't told about the interview being at this time"
"Yeah, it's OK don't worry about it, it's only going to be half an hour"
"Uh sure"


Of course, I proceeded to bomb the interview afterwards. I'd like to believe that I didn't fully kill off my chance since I still have one more phone interview coming up but that was just bad IMO. It was all fit, but I was way too sleepy, so I rambled a couple of times and mentioned the wrong group (eg. mentioned I prefer M&A when the coverage guy was calling)

Seriously, WTF is this normal?

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  • nutsaboutWS's picture

    No. You need to think on your feet. Should have said I have a midterm in 15 mins bye.

    "Those who say don't know, and those who know don't say."

  • MissingNo.'s picture

    Had this happen to me - fortunately they were aware it was 6am and I managed to make it to the next round.

    Still not sure if I want to spend the next 30+ years grinding away in corporate finance and the WSO dream chase or look to have enough passive income to live simply and work minimally.

  • Kanon's picture

    I would have made up some excuse. Something like you're actually running to a sports practice, or you've got an exam in an hour or you've got some sort of volunteering/club event you woke up for, etc. Get their number, ask them what's a good time to call back, and then call back later when you're not caught off guard.