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A distant (but not too distant) relative of mine is a partner at one of the Big Four accounting firms. I'm supposed to send him my resume and state which division I'd be interested in. Are there any finance related jobs I can do at a Big Four that would improve my odds of breaking into ER or a HF?

I'm currently interning at a prop shop doing ER. It's pretty much an SEO job under the title of "Junior Equity Research Analyst." It's not the best internship in the world but at least I get a published portfolio of work to show and I get to write ER internship on my resume. I'm thinking this and obtaining CFA level 1 before I graduate would make me a half decent candidate for a more legit ER internship.

My goals are pretty similar to a lot of other people on this website. ER---->run money at a HF--->start my own HF---->take over the world.

So basically my options are:
1) Stick with current internship. Study for CFA level 1. Cold call/email the shit out of ER analysts until I get what I really want.

2) Take a Big Four internship in pretty much any division I want. This division looks somewhat relevant to what I wanna do.

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    i'm currently doing an internship with a big 4 in their private equity division and its pretty interesting, but I think working in the corp finance or advisory division would be your best bet.

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    The position you posted is does involve researching HFs but if you're end goal is to actually work in a research/investing role at a HF you would be much better off pursuing investment banking and going the route of: FT IBD for 2-3 years -> HF

    Because of this, you definitely want to say that the division you're interested in is "Corporate Finance" in the M&A and Investment Banking group (The CF group = IBD in all Big 4 firms). Even if you don't want to do pure IBD after you graduate (you mentioned wanting to get into a legit ER shop) having IBD and M&A internship experience on your resume will set you very well to get into FT ER.

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