Hey I'm going to be doing the HBA program at Ivey this Fall. I'm still rather ignorant in terms of knowing what to expect from Ibanking but it's something I'm interested in. I would appreciate it if someone can clarify the typical path one takes after being an analyst. How long do they stay in that position? What is generally the next step? Is the work that bad if one is willing to sacrifice a few years for the opportunity? Thanks.

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2 Year Analyst stint (the best are asked back for a 3rd year)

The next step after a 2 year stint at a BB (bulge bracket) is matriculation into a top B-school or exit ops in PE/VC/HF or other related finance fields

It is very rare but not unheard of for an analyst to jump directly to associate after 2 years as an analyst

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You will hear all about this in info sessions and from talking to HBA2's who have already done a summer in banking. HBA2's are a great resource and can help you a lot for interview prep and getting first hand information on jobs.

Most people stay as an analyst for 2-3 years, moving on to private equity, hedge funds, Biz School, corp development, or direct-promote to associate.


Yeah I heard that the HBA2's are a great resource. Thanks for the info.


Seriously.... are the hours as an ibank analyst really as insane as 90-110hours a week? How many of you guys are actually clock in that much hours a week?

Or are these people just exagerating?? What's the real deal?


they all exagerrate...


It depends a lot on the group. 80-120, averaging at 100, would be accurate for my group right now. Some analysts work 70-80 consistently with an occasional killer week.


that's only an average of 14-15 a day eh?.. assuming a 7 day week. Sweet deal!..

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