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Hi I applied to this program and I believe that I will not get attacked for asking this question as the deadline is already past (in some other topics, people were attacking each other saying that it increases competition by posting program availability in forums)...Did everyone get an email telling them to apply through some online link again? Just wondering...I just submitted the same resume and transcripts.

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    m8875 wrote:
    are u guys from targets? I'm assuming that no unqualify person would be on ibankingoasis lol...

    That's a silly assumption. A simple perusal of the boards reveals that there are plenty of kids from non-targets that are just as passionate, if not more so, as their target school counterparts for getting into IB.

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    ^The assumption that I'm a "he" is also naive. Xenowang, the fact that there is a question mark after "targets" should clearly indicate that I was definitely not making an assumption. If I were making an assumption, I would make some declarative statement not an interrogative one. A simple "perusal" through your 2nd grade English book would confirm this.

    I was only asking a question, there was no other intention. intended. A simple yes/no question would have been sufficient. I just wanted to know because I couldn't apply through on-campus recruiting even though I'm from a target and, thus, I wanted to ask someone who is in the same boat as I am. Why is it that every time I post something here there will be someone who is suddenly being emotional?! I thought only girls are supposed to be like that. Calm down ok, I never thought or said that ppl from non-targets cannot be as passionate about ib as those from non-targets.

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    ok...! i actually think that the sophomore programs are "somewhat" less competitive bc they don't give out presentations and put out flyers all over campus and whatever unlike the regular summer programs.

    I clarify the "somewhat" part. I heard only 30 kids accepted but less applying that regular summer programs. So depend on your point of view whether they are really more competitive or not.

    Best of luck to you all! Wouldn't it be great if we ALL got accepted?!