I'm a junior at a non-target who potentially has a winter internship at a boutique investment banking firm in my region.

The "problem" is -- the firm is a NO NAME regional boutique. I've heard that even these will help because I get to put something like "Investment Banking Winter Analyst" on my resume.

The question is: will it really help? I come from a top 50 non target.

Who would win in this situation:

-Junior at Princeton who's had a sophomore PWM internship and a random summer job Freshman yr. GPA: 3.7, solid extracurriculars

-Non-target junior who's had a BB BO internship and an internship with a S&P 500 company in addition to the winter IB internship. GPA: 3.7, solid extracurriculars

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Unfortunately for you, probably Princeton

But if it won't affect your classes, you should complete the internship regardless

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I'd the take Princeton guy.

Get a 3.95+ at ur non target and then we're talking...But even a 3.7 at Princeton is damn good and prolly in the 85-90th percentile.


You lost at Princeton. None of the rest matters.


Okay I understand that being at a target will give one a HUGE advantage. But back to the original Q: will having that winter IB internship rly help me come recruiting season as far as getting 1st round interviews?


Clearly there will be no brand name etc. and you probably won't get a chance to do a whole lot. That being said I think the value in doing this internship is the connections and relationships that you might be able to build over a few weeks. Doing a great job at whatever they want (making copies, researching random things, coffee, filling in a model) will definitely help build a case for them to potentially open up to providing references for you which will get you first rounds. So I'd look at it from that angle; its not the internship that will help you, its the relationships you build out of it that will.. nah mean?

'Before you enter... be willing to pay the price'


why wouldnt u take the internship?


Sometimes no-name internships provide the best deal exposure. Because it's so small, if you're willing to take on the responsibility and can demonstrate you can perform, you'll get a chance to do a lot. It'll give you a ton to talk about in the interviews. If you produce something tangible (a market report or anything for instance) it can also be something you can bring to an interview that can help your case. Take the internship -- it can't hurt at all.


BMO is not a no name...... Its a top MM bank.


Who said BMO?

'Before you enter... be willing to pay the price'


I'd def take the internship if offered (pretty sure it will be). Not sure it'll help me lead to other connections though. That's why I was mostly wondering if it'll help me to have "Investment banking winter analyst" on my resume. Any more insights/feedback would be appreciated!

PS: I never mentioned BMO Capital and I dont have an offer from them


BMO is regarded as an 'elite BB' here in Canada. They kick ass on the FX side of things though.


I'm going to disagree with some of the earlier posts in this thread. Mr. Imaginary Princeton aside, I think this internship would definitely help you when it comes to recruiting. Here are the reasons (and I've been reviewing a ton of resumes the last couple weeks, so that's where this is coming from):

a) In many cases, will give you exposure to some or all of the exact same tasks an intern or analyst at a 'real' bank would do, and shows that you liked them enough to want to continue; also, that you already have some skill and will be more productive in the internship you're applying for

b) Demonstrates that you have genuine interest and have put in work for your pursuit of IB - i.e, you're not just a random kid who dropped his resume for the hell of it

c) As mentioned above, networking benefits can sometimes be huge in these situations

Therefore, while the Princeton guy might (or might not) still win in a head-to-head, this internship would definitely help you out and give you a leg up vs. many other candidates.

Also, as a side note, if you do this internship, I'd avoid writing 'Investment Banking Winter Analyst' - the word 'winter' would make it seem less legitimate. Just write 'Investment Banking Intern' or 'Investment Banking Analyst Intern' - you're going to list the dates anyway so no need to point it out in your job title.


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