Anyone know how the BB Chemicals groups stack up?

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Big drop off

Everyone else


From CS website:

Chemicals Group
The Chemicals Group is the #1 chemical franchise on Wall Street, having been involved in 25 of the last 28 chemical equity transactions, approximately 50% of high yield offerings in the last two years, and more than 90 M&A transactions with combined value in excess of $125 billion since 1996. The Group has professionals in New York and London. The chemical sector investment banking market remains strong and is expected to grow, driven by:

Significant increase in M&A activity by both financial sponsors as well as companies seeking to optimize their portfolios
Strong equity issuance with expected follow-on offerings by recently listed companies
Leveraged loans and high yield debt required by clients that seek capital to grow organically and through acquisitions


Take that stuff with a grain of salt. It's the CS website after all; sounds like standard, propaganda-laden, pitch material. Every group at every bank will tell you they're #1 according to this, that, or the other.

I've heard Citi has a top flight Chems group, and obviously it stands to reason that GS (Natural Resources Group) and MS(?) would be up there. Any Chems bankers on the board to verify this?


What are the top IB healthcare group on the street?


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