I was hoping to get the opinion of people who have worked as analysts on deals within the Tech / TMT space on who the top bankers are within the Tech - Banking industry. Here are a few people that get regularly mentioned as the top dealmakers:

Morgan Stanley
- Michael Grimes*
- Paul Chamberlain*
- Colin Stewart
- Chuck Cory*
- Nick Osborne

Goldman Sachs
- Geroge Lee*
- Ryan Limaye*
- Jon Woodruff
- Matthew L'Heureux
- Kevin Quinn

Credit Suisse
- George Boutros*
- William Brady
- David Papowitz

- Chris Varelas
- Michael Klein

Lehman Brothers
- Stuart Francis
- Laurence Goldberg

Merrill Lynch
- Chet Bozdog
- Jack MacDonald

*Forbes has listed them atlest once/ or multiple times in the Forbes Midas list (2001 - 2007).

Any thoughts on the above ? Any additions ? Any opinions by people who have wrrked with any one on this list ?

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Just my opinion (additions):

Mark Shafir
Tor Braham
Karl Will
Bob Thornton

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