Since I don't go to any other forums and I feel pretty comfortable with the activity/community here on wso, I figure I'd just ask a particular question totally unrelated to finance.

I've been experiencing knee pain for the past month or so. I'm fine walking, running, and doing day-to-day things. However, when I bend past a specific point (especially when shooting a basketball), my knees basically experience sharp pains and feels like they are about to give out. I wasn't really exercising prior to a month ago, and I started feeling this pain when I started to work out again (a month ago). This is the first time I have had this type of pain/injury.

Any thoughts? Sorry to post this on here, but I figure many of us have played sports and/or know about the body so hopefully somebody can help? What should I do (aside from going to the doctor)?

Thanks a lot guys.

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see a doctor...

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More details. Do you feel pain between the bones? Behind the knee? In front? Side?


More details. Do you feel pain between the bones? Behind the knee? In front? Side?

I would say it is in front of the knee (if you're looking straight at me, it would be the top right of my left knee close to where the thigh intersects the knee) and it feels like it's between the bones. i'm thinking that there's inflammation in there right now, and all i need to do is rest for a few days.

I didn't really get hit or had some physical impact that could have hurt my knees. At first, I thought I was just sore after not having exercised for a couple of months and going at it pretty hard on the basketball court. But the pain just never went away when I would play basketball. Some days, when I get warmed up, my knee feels fine. I'm just posting it today because it was especially sore today when I played.


I've had this voice in my head for the past few months... any suggestions?

Went from a poetry major to finance... funny how life works isn't it?


1) Go see a doctor

2) Could be anything from sore muscles (takes a few days to heal) to a torn ACL (takes months to heal)

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strained knee flexor


Honestly, check to make sure your shoes are equally worn down.. Sounds stupid but this happened to my father and all he needed was a shoe repair


Are you stretching? I had a similar pain and it was associated with a specific type of stretch. I stopped doing that particular stretch and voila, the pain was gone.


Could it be some form of tendinitis? How old are you? I wore a cho patch (I think that's what it is called) in college for a little while because of knee tendinitis. Literally, I couldn't bend my knee one morning and after I purchased the thing for a couple bucks at an Olympia Sports, I was back to full practices the next night.


weird. sounds like something tore. do you leg press?

i think just see a doctor and ask him to refer you to a specialist. better you catch it early in case leaving it makes it worse and irreparable

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