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I just finished training the street program and worked til midnight, etc. building the models. What are other training programs like?

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    TTS is a great program. There is no way you were there until midnight every night. If you were there everything until midnight you probably needed more guidance or help. YOu should only have had 2 hours (max 3) of homework a night on top of the 9-5 class.

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    My friend took TTS, but I was closed out, so went to The Analyst Exchange. It was great, there are no 6 hour days, no one gets out at midnight.

    They courses are set up like a "virtual classroom" (as they call it) where you dial into skype for the lessons, so you can take them from your room. The lectures were also separated from workshop sessions where you work directly with a trainer going through the model. It's great because it give you the ability to work at you own speed.

    Also you can take the classes whenever you want not all in one week...it's definitely for me at least a better learning format that 6 hour lectures

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    Hmm...I just took the free lecture at the Analyst Exchange. It does look like an interesting approach. I don't see why you have to be up until midnight for 5 days straight for a modeling course when you can take it via skype at your time. They're also pretty flexible about refunds if I don't like it, so I think I'll give it a try....let you know

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    (Analyst Exchange i mean)

    They had offered free lectures at out school. I'm deciding if I should take the whole program.

    My take was that it was clear that they went through (and trained) analyst programs as they have a very nice way of explaining things in a way that anyone would understand using simple but complete examples.

    I also liked the material. Very sufficient, to the point, with minimal repetitions. I usually lose mycconcentration when I see too many simple examples.

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    I think the do in New York. I'm also looking into the analyst exchange. My friend's doing it now. He's says its about the same as training the street, but you work live with a trainer via internet...so, i guess no timing constraints?? It's much cheaper too. They came to our school for a free lecture which was helpful, but want more feedback if anyone's got it.