I'm graduating from UCLA this spring as Business Economics major with accounting minor. My gpa is going to be around 3.7. I want to work in banking, specifically something around derivatives or perhaps risk, but I've got no experience and I can't do a summer internship this year because I have to go see family in Europe for a month. Junior year I ran my own business and didnt do internships either.

If I graduate, are my chances are getting an internship wiped out? Because it feels like all the internships are aimed at people still in college, and especially sophomores/Juniors. In fact some of them specifically state that "You must still be in college by the time this internship ends" and things like that.

I know I can't land a good job without some experience. I'm considering not graduating this spring but staying at UCLA for another quarter until 2012, and going through all the campus internship/job recruitment that takes place in Fall. That would cost $4k and I don't know if it would be worth it.

I'm really interested in derivatives, but this interest only started in late 2010 due to certain courses and professors. I've been personally studying derivatives in my spare time outside of class, since there arent really any undergrad courses that focus on them, but there's no way to really prove that.

Feels like I'm screwed any way I look at it. What would you do in my situation? I almost feel like I don't stand a chance anymore, due to being so behind, and should just abandon the idea of working in finance and try the entrepreneurial path. Any helpful advice would be much appreciated.

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$4,000 now that gives you access to an entire extra year of recruiting, internships, relevant experience, and networking can pay off infinitely more in the end. It seems like you recognize how miserably long a shot you have at anything in banking if you graduate on schedule, so it's as if you're trying to get other people to vocalize what you already know: you need to stay the extra semester.

With experience like yours (running your own business, traveling the world, good GPA), you don't need to add much to make yourself competitive. Try to join some extracurriculars, get any relevant leadership you can, do what it takes.

Most people do things to add days to their life. I do things to add life to my days.

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