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I'm interviewing with a long-only fund with about $10 billion in AUM. I think I got a really good shot of getting an offer in the next week or two. Just curious about compensation.

3rd year research associate
Moving from SS ER to BS ER
CFA level III candidate
Major city, but not NY

Wonder what to expect for salary + bonus.

my guess would be $80-$100K salary with bonus 25%-50% of base based on performance?

Is there any reason to expect my salary to go down?

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    Thanks for the quick response.

    Current salary is ~$80K. Expecting it to go up to ~$90K in the next month since we get raises/bonus after the New Year. My target comp would be $100K base and 50%+ bonus; that would a pretty nice raise for me.

    You're the second person to give me a number with an all in comp in the ballpark of $200K. That makes me feel like I'm making the right move. My firm has been screwing every single person's bonus below the analyst rank for the last 5-years. Think $30K with 5-year experience... -.-

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    gammaovertheta wrote:
    KarateBoy wrote:
    gammaovertheta wrote:
    KarateBoy wrote:
    Think $30K with 5-year experience... -.-

    Is this in NYC? That's terrible regardless...

    Not NYC but a top 5 city in the US

    Top 5? I'm not quite sure how cities are ranked haha, but I assume whatever ranking you're using your city must be fifth from that vague response

    Not sure why you're jumping to that conclusion. I'm just being vague to stay anonymous.

    Do people rank cities by anything other than population?

    Top 5:

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    Not to be obnoxious, but it was very vague. Cities are ranked in a large number of ways...

    Just as one source http://www.bestplaces.net/docs/studies/crar.aspx

    cost of living, schools, crime rates, businesses, restaurants, % college graduates, wealth, etc.......

    Population may seem the most obvious, I can understand that. But cities are ranked in any number of ways and there are even more subjective polls on what cities are the "best to live in."

    So it was a bit confusing when you just said, a top 5 city.

    NYC is my personal favorite, but any of those five seem awesome. ;)