I am transferring to a target in January, but I want to apply for SA spots. Unfortunately I cant really say I am from the school I am transferring to yet so... Are there any banks that still recruit in january?

When does SA recruiting usually end in general?

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early Feb

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^^ Wrong. I got multiple BB offers mid/late feb. The bulk of SA recruiting happens Jan-Feb, but I've seen people interview in late Dec as well as March.


Superdays occur at some BBs through the end of February. You should contact the career services office at the school you are transferring to. Resume drop deadlines for on campus recruiting vary by school and can be anywhere from mid December to mid January so you should look into getting access in December.


You'll get all the SA 2012 deadlines on wallstreetcv :www.wallstreetcv.com/usefullinks.html

good luck !

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If interviews are around Feb, then when does resume dropping end?


^ ^ ^ I am wondering this too.


Early December


From my understanding, it varies by bank and by region. I am in FL, and SA recruiting doesn't even start until a few weeks into and the Spring semester. However, it is mostly MM banks that recruit here. The BB and elite boutique probably start sooner.

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