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I'm looking to start a 1-yr masters program this summer, and I'm thinking of starting to reach out to alums in IBD. I'm an international student, so I'll need H1B sponsorship. I understand that the banks that received TARP money have major hurdles towards hiring foreign students, but if the money is paid back, do the restrictions still apply?

I'd be interested to know which banks are still hiring H1B workers.

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    All BBs should not have problem hiring intl' students.

    I am an international master student, I interviewed with all BBs in US, I guess they would not be interested in me if they cannot sponsor H1B.

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    macro while you are right that goldman and cs sponsor H1bs, there is no thing such as generosity....if you are good enough, they will hire you and work out your H1B, but the same thing applies to most other banks as well. I am sure JPM doesnt go into recruiting thinking we are only going to hire 30 of the best H1Bs ... once you get the offer, only then do all the big banks (i wont say BBs only) start working around your work status

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    Of course the term "generosity" is meant in comparison with the other banks. Although I know nothing of their internal policies, several of my international friends were told by most of the banks that their immigration status would be an issue, whereas GS and CS told them to not sweat it. One of them was actually given an offer by JPMorgan, which was later rescinded when they found out that she was not a citizen. Another was told during the interview process with several banks that it would be difficult for them to get an offer. Guess where they are working now?