What do you think about the book "Why i left Goldman Sach" by Greg Smith ?
You don't actually get a lot to know about what IB !

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He's done some yard work at my house.

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it sucked. Greg Smith sucks. So preachy and the guy think's his shit don't stink. I couldn't even finish it, zzzzzzzzzzzz... airplane reading


Ohhh ok, for me as apprentice it was quite interesting to read it because it felt as a adviser.


Sucky book. Waste of time.

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In reply to tiger2012

it sucked. Greg Smith sucks. So preachy and the guy think's his shit don't stink. I couldn't even finish it, zzzzzzzzzzzz... airplane reading

Dude wasn't even that good at ping pong

I hate victims who respect their executioners


I was expecting this to be a post by somebody mentioning that they left GS for completely valid reasons while people who have never stepped foot in an investment bank would put him down for it

then I saw that it was about this dude... I've never had strong feelings towards or against GS, but this guy has gotten on my nerves ever since his squirelly looking face popped up on my computer screen. He seems like a lil whiny bitch. to hear him being described as "preachy" is exactly what I would have expected

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It s funny to hear opinions about him from people who have actually worked with him in real life.
In an interview i heard him saying that he was very good at his job because there were people started with him at gs and got fired much earlier !


Ever since reading an interview with him when the book dropped I mostly decided it would be a waste of time to even look into it. He seems like he just couldn't handle the pressure.

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