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I came accross the top 10 super luxury watch ranking at

what do you think?

Rank #1 Patek Philippe
Rank #2 Blancpain
Rank #3 Vacheron Constantin
Rank #4 Breguet
Rank #5 Audemars Piguet
Rank #6 A.Lange&Sohne
Rank #7 Ulysse Nardin
Rank #8 Piaget
Rank #9 Bovet
Rank #10 Arnold & Son
Rank #11~100 @ http://usnews.watchesranking.com/

Rank #1 Patek Philippe
Patek Philippe
Rank #1
Overall score 100
Avg Price $52,064
Founded in 1839
Origin Switzerland
Craftsmanship 9.9
Reliability 9.9
Investment 9.9
Recognition 8.24

Patek Philipp is ranked #1 at watchesranking.com in High end Luxury category.

Editor's Review: When one speaks with watch collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts from all walks of life, one brand is consistently singled out as being "the Rolls-Royce of watches". Like that esteemed auto manufacturer, it is a name that has become synonymous with perfection, exclusivity and the finest craftsmanship. The company is Patek Philippe, and its history offers a compelling insight into how this unique, family-held watch company has dominated the Swiss watch industry for over 160 years.

Rank #2 Blancpain
Rank #2
Overall score 99.2
Avg Price $53,816
Founded in 1735
Origin Switzerland
Craftsmanship 9.6
Reliability 9.7
Investment 9.7
Recognition 8.69

Blancpain is ranked #2 at watchesranking.com in High end Luxury category.

Editor's Review: Blancpain is a Swiss watch manufacturer, founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jaques Blancpain. Blancpain is currently owned by the Swatch Group along with other famous brands like Omega and Breguet. Nick Hayek, the son of Swatch Group's founder and chairman, Nicolas Hayek, is running Blancpain. Less than 10,000 are created a year and each watchmaker is given the ability to personally build a complete watch rather than line production. Blancpain watches are elegant and stylish and true to the company slogan, "Since 1735, there has never been a quartz Blancpain watch. And there never will be."

Rank #3 Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin
Rank #3
Overall score 98.2
Avg Price $59,698
Founded in 1755
Origin Switzerland
Craftsmanship 9.9
Reliability 9.9
Investment 9.9
Recognition 6.57

Vacheron Constantin is ranked #3 at watchesranking.com in High end Luxury category

Editor's Review: The world?s oldest watch manufacturer in continuous operation since 1755 and the founder of the spirit of technical and precious Haute Horlogerie, Vacheron Constantin has been making horological history for over 250 years. From the beginning, it has concentrated on building and consolidating its tradition for technical and aesthetic excellence. This is best illustrated by its timepieces, whose hand-finishing is of an exceptional quality.

Rank #4 Breguet
Rank #4
Overall score 97.9
Avg Price $56,634
Founded in 1775
Origin Switzerland
Craftsmanship 9.8
Reliability 9.9
Investment 9.8
Recognition 6.68

Breguet is ranked #4 at watchesranking.com in High end Luxury category

Editor's Review: Breguet was founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet in Paris, France. The founder married the daughter of a prosperous French bourgeois and her dowry helped finance his first workshop.Firstly manufacturing pocket watches the watchmaker coined many world firsts before 1800 including the first self winding watch, invention of the gong spring and the anti shock device. In 1801 they celebrated the patent of the tourbillon regulator and in 1810 manufactured their first wristwatch commissioned by the Queen of Naples.

Rank #5 Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet
Rank #5
Overall score 97.5
Avg Price $40,154
Founded in 1875
Origin Switzerland
Craftsmanship 9.7
Reliability 9.8
Investment 9.3
Recognition 8.58

Breguet is ranked #5 at watchesranking.com in High end Luxury category

Editor's Review:Audemars Piguet watch company has been designing and manufacturing exceptional Swiss luxury timepieces Since 1875. In 1972 the creation of the famous Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, mankind's first high-end steel sports watch, established Audemars Piguet's widespread popularity and prestige in the watch industry. From the simplest styles to the most intricate complications, Audemars Piguet watch collections continue to astonish collectors and watch aficionados with their beauty, elegance, and sophiscated

full ranking at http://www.watchesranking.com/news/Ranking-World-T...

Comments (22)

  • Stringer Bell's picture

    What was the watch Terrance gave Ari on entourage? The episode where Allen what's his face dies and Ari gets offered the head of the studio gig?

  • manbearpig's picture

    Any list that doesn't include Jaeger LeCoultre is highly flawed. Their Gyrotourbillon is the most beautiful and intricate movement I've ever seen.


  • manbearpig's picture

    Wow, I clicked the link, and it places Rolex above Jaeger. This list was compiled by a bunch of morons.


  • financetosales's picture

    Its an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, a nice watch and a discrete one among those who don't know watches (unless of course it's gold like the one on the show) Ari also wears a stainless version

  • monkeysama's picture

    My watch costs nothing, is invisible, and helps me meet people and make friends at parties!

    "Hey buddy, got the time?"

  • Pennypacker's picture

    All rankings of watches are ridiculous, its like ranking fashion brands. There is an overall consensus that PP/AP/VC is the three top brands with PP being in its own league.

  • hey_judy's picture

    To everythingsucks,

    Hey Buddy, why do u think Jaege shoud be above Rolex?

    I guess different people have different perspectives, mostly on emotional side, but what matters most is the ranking methodology, isn't it?

    according to those who published the rankings at watchesranking.com, " The rankings are compiled based on five key indicators of quality: Price, Art, Reliability, Investment value and Search engine citation. Scores for each indicator are weighted as shown to arrive at a final overall score.

    I guess Rolex have much higher score than Jaeger-LeCoultre in terms of public recognition among search engines and watch magazines. Besides, Rolex is widely known for its investment value. Rolex does excel in these two indicators, which definitely boosts Rolex's ranking among Luxury watch rankings.

    which watch do you wear?

  • hey_judy's picture

    Here comes Rolex!
    Rolex ranks #2 in Luxury watch category with an overall score of 87.1 and an average price of $13,172

    World's Top 10 Luxury Watch Ranking

    Rank #1 Cartier.
    Rank #2 Rolex
    Rank #3 Jaeger-LeCoultre
    Rank #4 IWC
    Rank #5 Zenith
    Rank #6 Chopard.
    Rank #7 Jacob & Co
    Rank #8 Carl F. Bucherer
    Rank #9 DeLaneau.
    Rank #10 Panerai
    Rank #11-15 @ http://www.watchesranking.com/brand/ranking.jsp?c=...

    which watch do you wear?

  • thewatchguy's picture

    I'm a big fan of Rolex, wearing Submariner for 10 years, just love it!
    my wife has a Cartier tank. kind of funning to rank these brands. which one is better? Cartier or Rolex, I can hardly tell...

  • manbearpig's picture

    Zenith chronomaster t open. Beautiful watch. It was a gift from my grandparents. (I think it costs around 7K)

    As for your actual question of which watch I wear, that would be Tissot. I wear the Zenith on very special occasions only. (I've only worn it once since I got it 2 years ago.


  • GOLDMAN911's picture

    PATEK is much better than blancpain. blancpain is just a shitty brand who maks expensive watches. my mother had one and it sucked

  • kelleykid's picture
  • Imakeitrain's picture

    Can't argue with Patek at 1 but AP is number 2 without question. You also have to include JLC and Rolex in the mix as well.

  • Kanon's picture

    Disagree with Blancpain as #2. Feel like A. Lange & Sohne should be at 2 or 3, or at the very least top 5 - not 6.

  • Unforseen's picture

    Yep, A. Lange & sonhe should be top 3 if we re basing our rankings on craftmanship, prestige, and reliability

  • In reply to Stringer Bell
    Rupert Pupkin's picture

    Stringer Bell:
    What was the watch Terrance gave Ari on entourage? The episode where Allen what's his face dies and Ari gets offered the head of the studio gig?

    I think it was an AP.

  • konig's picture

    MB&F, anyone?

    Greed is Good.

  • Ilze's picture

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