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Yo guys, for my senior thesis i created this online game where you run your own investment bank and trading firm against other players (with about 5000+ real life events like getting caught for white collar crimes) and although i didnt fill it with real players, i made a bunch of artificially intelligent "players" to simulate human behavior.

my thesis is supposed be as realistic as possible and simulate economic conditions and i let the game run for a simulated 10 years and gathered about 10,000 lines of data, many of it matching real world data almost exactly (like a big investment bank suddenly tipping overboard which I dubbed "b-sterns" on my datachart :P

anyways i spent a shitload of time making this and don't want it to go to waste. if i ever released it online to the public, would any of you actually play it? If not, I'll just lock it up and be on my merry fuckin way. Cause then I gotta buy a domain and buy webhosting and set up a bunch of stuff lol whereas for the purpose of my thesis I set it up on the school's server for free.

so let me know!

clarification: the thesis has already been finished and presented. now its just sitting there and i dont know if i should just leave it there or not.

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  • In reply to JeffSkilling
    lookatmycock's picture

    I'd give it a shot. How good are the graphics/interface? Is it text based?

    haha since it was for a school project, the graphics are currently crappy and rudimentary at best, although that can be easily fixed. its mostly text based.

  • Lord Blankfein's picture

    I'd give it a shot.

    Since it's for your thesis, you could probably garner a lot of activity from this forum.

  • jec's picture

    is it free?

  • etrain86's picture

    Sounds good, I'm in!

  • rickyross's picture

    Yea I'm intrigued. Make the interface easy to use and appealing though or I'll give up out of impatience.

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  • marcellus_wallace's picture

    I already played something like this when i was in college. My friend downloaded it. You could make JVs, companies, offshore entities. Can't remember what the game was called.

  • design's picture

    I guess something like this could be a talking point on a CV...I'm interested.

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