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I have an interview (last stage) for BlackRock analyst and my question is:
is it ok to bring notes with me to the interview like modules Ive done at uni, key statistics about them etc??

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    Generally, you're allowed to bring in a pad of paper for technical questions, or if you want to make BRIEF notes about the group, etc. if the people you interview with go into a lot of detail. BRIEF being 1 or 2 pts, a few words.

    You should bring in a copy or two of your resume, but you can't look at it when you talk about yourself. Any modules or stats or whatever you want to quote should be very high level anyway - don't go off in a detailed tangent unless asked.

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    Things I wouldn't have on me would include industry notes, company statistics, and definitely not any type of formulas. With regards to a resume, I think it is absolutely fine to have a copy for both yourself and the people you will be interviewing with. If you think a decision is made based on the fact that you looked at your resume while telling your story you are absolutely wrong. Don't take this the wrong way, you must have your 1, 3, and 5 versions of your story down pact, but having your own resume to guide the interviewer through the process will reflect upon them that you are a well organized individual. For example, when making any presentation, the presenter usually has a copy whether it be a hard copy or a powerpoint of the actual material. Practice, practice, practice and you will be just fine!