Welcome to the Prime Brokerage Group @ WSO.

To help each other out, once you join the group feel free to post a brief description of what your job role is and ways that you'd like to utilize the group.

Here's a good template to start with:

1) What PB firm do you work at? Large BB? Boutique PB? If you don't work in Prime Brokerage, what kind of relationships do you have in the PB business?

2) How long have you been in the field?

3) Location (obviously optional)

4) What you're looking to get out of the group

It would be great if this group can be used for networking, job advice, questions, and so on.

The Prime Brokerage world is large, yet small and connected in many ways. Everyone knows everyone. Let's create an open network on WSO in which we can feed off each other and even possibly create business opportunities.



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