Hedge Fund Career Guide

Want a competitive advantage to launch your hedge fund career?
The Hedge Fund Careers Guide gives you an inside look at the hedge fund industry to give you that advantage. This guide will walk you through all aspects of careers in hedge funds and better prepare you for your job search process.

Hedge fund careers are an excellent option for the financial professionals with the right background and personality. Because the hedge fund industry, a relatively young industry, is mostly made up of small private firms, it is difficult to gather information about hedge fund careers and how to get hired as an analyst in a hedge fund.

We have prepared this guide to help you learn about hedge fund careers, uncover hedge fund job opportunities, prepare an outstanding resume, and conduct a successful job hunt.

Be Prepared. This guide comes in PDF form and you get it right away so you can start studying immediately.

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With more than 70 pages, we cover many topics in this guide to give you a comprehensive view of Hedge Fund Careers, including:

  • Hedge Fund History
  • Most Common Trading Strategies
  • Career Path Options
  • The Hiring Process
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • Networking Activities
  • Working with Executive Recruiters
  • A List of Helpful Hedge Fund Career Resources