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HEY you OCR little f*cksshit on me all you want because idgaf!!!! all your fate is mine, you little f*ckers i volunteered to do ocr because i thought it'd be a nice break but F*CK i'd rather be hunched over my desk than be dealing with these borderline terrifying besuited assailants. first of all, GOD...10433.04
2016 Full-time IB Recruiting Timeline MegathreadIt's that time of year again, folks. Time to polish those resumes, fire up the LinkedIn and WSO search functions, and bug the hell out of the career advisers at your schools. It's recruiting time! We are all looking for information on timelines and deadlines for every bank...72025.20
How do you CRUSH your interviews? In 2007 I made my hardest career transition. After leaving <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/company/goldman-sachs" target="_blank">Goldman Sachs</a></span> and taking eighteen months off work, I decided...2620.26
WSO Investment Banking Resume Template for College Students Released to the Public!<strong>Big Announcement: WSO Resume Template is Out in the Wild!</strong>: <em>Mod Note (Andy): If you're looking for our resume for experienced IB professionals or a <a...7018.70
Three Things You Didn't Know About Becoming A Rock-Star Analyst<em>Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 6/21/12.</em> At the beginning of my analyst program i had a fixed-notion of what it takes to become one of the top-ranked analysts in my class, pocket top-bucket bonus and move on to a prosperous future...2514.25
INTRODUCING: The WSO Applicant Database. Take 5 minutes on WSO to Reach Hundreds of Finance Recruiters and Finance CompaniesGiven that we have built up relationships with hundreds of companies and finance recruiters, we thought instead of just a simple job board (which you can find <a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-jobs">right here</a>), we would also create a WSO Applicant...807.80
WSO Campus Representative Program WSO is now accepting applications to be a Campus Rep at your university for the 2015-16 school year. We currently have 42 reps signed up but would love to add 20-30 more. We are looking for motivated students with a solid work ethic and strong presentation/communication skills who are...1286.28
The Best IBD SA OCR, Interviews and FT Offer Conversion Posts on WSOThanks to my content intern @Lucas_m" for another great compilation post. This one covers on campus recruiting, interviews, and converting SA <span class='keyword_link'><a...55.05
How Finance is like Professional SportsIf you look at elite athletes of virtually any sport, they almost always share one thing in common: they started playing the sport at a fairly young age. Sure, there are exceptions, but very rarely do you see a world-class athlete who picked up the sport after high school. Now, what does...264.26
Why Your Salary Matters to Her<em>Mod Note (Andy): Best of Eddie, this was originally posted in January 2011.</em> When women get together with their friends and talk about the new guy in their life, one of the first questions that always comes up is, "What does he do?", which - let's face it -...1164.16
Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp<strong><span class='keyword_link'><a href="https://gv142.isrefer.com/go/wso35/wsoasis/">Financial modeling</a></span></strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of <span...403.40
BIG NEWS: 2014 WSO Compensation Report is OUT!Dear WSO Community, I'm pleased to announce the release of the <strong><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/wso-annual-compensation-reports">2014 WSO Compensation Report</a></strong>! We had another great year with even MORE entries than last year...393.39
Wall Street Oasis SEO Interns Needed NOWWall Street Oasis is looking for several hard working individuals to join our intern team to help with online-marketing tasks, specifically Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and link-building. <strong><a...522.52
Cut throat and competitive storiesHey guys, so we hear of pretty crazy, competitive situations in nearly all levels: professional sports, high schools, university, and of course the workplace. There's examples everywhere: whether it's Michael Jordan ruining friendships over a game or the latest Tiger Mom shelling out...232.23
As my username suggests, not sure what to do...First year PE associate...rolled into PE without much of a break once I got done with my third year in banking. As my username suggests, I am fully burned out, and was fully burned out during my last 8-10 months of banking (though to be fair, I think everyone gets there toward the end). PE...172.17
WSO Private Equity Resume Template for Professionals with Deal Experience is Released!<strong>Big Announcement: WSO Private Equity Official Resume Template for Experienced Professionals with Deal Experience is Now Public!</strong>: <em><b><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/wso-investment-banking-resume-template">Click here...102.10
Scott SmileyScott Smiley Wyckoff Umass he's a good man42.04
"DANGER AHEAD" - Icahn's New Video about QE and Junk BondsI think right now, we are in the early stages of a bear market. Generals are retreating, bio-tech getting crushed recently with tech. IMO S&P sees 1750 before 2000 again. I liked the video, Icahn's a beast (link inside the post)<!--break--> http://carlicahn.com/42.04
Putting a Price Tag on Scandal: Sturm und Drang at Volkswagen!My <a href="http://aswathdamodaran.blogspot.com/2015/09/no-mas-no-mas-vale-chronicles-continued.html">Vale missteps</a> illuminated for me some of the risks of going where it is darkest, but I will not let them stop me from trying again. This time, my focus is Volkswagen, a...32.03
2015 MBA Application ThreadAlright, So who's struggling through R1 apps like I am? Trying to find the time between my 70 HR week, my needy GF, and life's general bullshit has been tough but I'm through a few first drafts of essays and have my R1 school schools down to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Booth,...601.60
DCF and NOLsI'm creating a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/what-is-a-discounted-cash-flow-DCF">DCF</a></span> for a company that I've been looking at. It has a large <span...171.17
3 years of Work enough for m7?Hi All, long time lurker but new to posting. I'm curious about what the take is on applying to business school with 2 years of work experience at application time and 3 years at matriculation. The work experience in question would be 1 year at a MM ibank in probably the best group at the...81.08
Happypantsmcgee and I are going to do a happy hour in DCAnd by do happy hour I mean we are going to get happy hour together and are cordially inviting anyone who may want to come to come No we don't have a real set place or time other than somewhere downtown this week or next <!--break--> 61.06
Just found this sitePretty epic stuff here <p>http://textsfromlastnight.com/</p>51.05
[ISSUE 37] - Interesting Things...<em>Mod Note (Andy) - "Interesting Things" by user Adventure_Capitalist (a PE professional) is a new addition to the site that we hope to have each week. This is a newsletter that he has been sharing between friends for awhile now and we thought it would be a good addition to the...01.00
Get Your Resume Reviewed by Industry ProsRecruiting season is here now...so make sure you're ready for it with a <strong><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/wso-finance-resume-review">Finance Resume and/or Cover Letter Review</a></strong> from one of our expert resume reviewers. Need it done...300.30
Trading really dying? I know this topic has been hit time and time again. However, I feel after every recession, there's always tons of people saying sell-side <span class='keyword_link'><a...66-0.34
When to sue a close friend and ruin his or her life?This is not meant to be funny so no jokes. I have a huge problem that I need advice on. A friend of nearly 15 years has completely screwed my life over. This friend is at least a decamillionaire and I *THINK* this person has done some illegal things to me to cheat me in a very major way. My life...44-0.56
Analyst at 27 - Possible???Hello everybody, A MSc for me is a very big investment so I sort of need your input... I have a very simple question that needs answering and for which i have already searched a lot. Is it possible for me to get an analyst position at age 27 after completing a very good MSc (think LSE,...24-0.76
Do You Look Like a Leader?How we dress, talk, and move says a lot about ourselves. We judge others based on physical factors. Not too long ago the Economist published an article addressing how looks affect success. What are your thoughts? [Quote]IN GORILLA society, power belongs to silverback males. These splendid...12-0.88
How to answer the question: Why do you want to work at a Bulge Bracket bank?Hey fellow monkeys! So, I really want to work at a MM bank as a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/guide/wso-internship-guide">summer analyst</a></span> for this upcoming summer... That being said, I am trying to...8-0.92
MBA or MSFI'm currently an FA in a Rotation Program for a F150 company. I'm having second thoughts about continuing at this company and in this industry and I am interested in pursuing a career in consulting/banking. My undergrad major was in Finance (not sure if it matters) and I will begin...4-0.96
How good does interning at a boutique look on your resume?I'm just curious as a sophomore who may land an internship at a boutique firm, how good that would look on my resume if I'm trying to later on get an internship in <span class='keyword_link'><a...3-0.97
Does anyone feel like this is too much?Analyst here at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB">BB</a></span> in a very busy coverage group Recently just been feeling mentally exhausted and all around angry at...3-0.97
My life is terrible - I need helpHi Everyone, My life is absolutely terrible right now and I really need some guidance. When I started my career, I landed my dream job and way overjoyed with happiness. However, it has all been downhill since then. My boss is one of the most frugal people I've every met and...3-0.97
Career Services just told me I will never work on Wall Street (Ivy)2-0.98
Am I about to be auto-dinged?The format of my resume is to have a bullet, the material, and end with the words without a period. On the first bullet of the resume, there is a period......this period shouldn't be here. How screwed am I? I have contacts at multiple banks I've already sent this resume...5-1.95
love problem solution %^% in Molvi ji +91 7023366655 Hyderabadyu6y Pune Orissa MumbaiWORLD FAMOUS BEST INDIAN MOLVI JI INDIA / AMERICA / CANADA / AUSTRALIA / UK / USA INTERNATIONAL SERVICE WITH MOLVI JI Vashim khan ,58 YRS EXPERIENCE love mantra to get back your lost love.vashikaran specialist to solve love problems, bring your love back by tantra and ilam, powerful vashikaran...0-2.00
Story of sub 2.5 gpa breaking into MCHey all, I made a burn account so I can share a story of sub 2.5 gpa student getting offers from multiple MC firms including one from <span class='keyword_link'><a...16-2.84
So many asian femalesAnyone else feel like every female in finance is exactly the same? All asian, super insecure and pretend that they're bros? Also, seems like all of them make up boyfriends they can never seem to bring around or immediately jump into the "oh im too busy for a relationship"...4-2.96
Private Equity GroupsOf the most typical groups seen in a private equity fund (Cross Industry Private Equity Sponsorships, Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Credit, etc.) what does WSO believe to be top picks in terms of exit opps, prestige, on the job skills and why? ***retooled question due to...1-3.99
7 tips for picking up women and landing the job you wantIf you've read the book The Game, you know there is a community of men who devote their lives to the art and science of picking up women. While almost every young (and older) man goes at this pursuit in some haphazard and mediocre way, these men are dedicated to mastering the craft. A sport...28-4.72
When did modern investment banking culture come about?50-100 years ago, a banker was a respectable stately gentleman in a tweed suit, with a handlebar mustache, a pocket watch and a pocket square. There’s even a former MD lecturing at my college who more or less fits that description. Now, at least from what I can gather, a banker is a...16-4.84
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