Wall Street Oasis - Investment Banking & Finance Community http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/ The Wall Street Finance Community where investment bankers, consultants, traders, private equity and hedge fund professionals come to learn and play. en Banking with chronic health issues http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/banking-with-chronic-health-issues <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-233559" style="width: 149px;"><a href="/forums/banking-with-chronic-health-issues"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/chronic illness.thumbnail.jpg" alt="chronic illness.jpg" title="chronic illness.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="149" height="150" /></a></div> <p>Hey WSO, </p> <p>I'm 22 and male and will be interning at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB">BB</a></span> in NY this summer. </p> <p>Yesterday, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis by an endocrinologist. Basically, having Hashimoto's means that my thyroid glands will slowly degrade to the point of failure. No known cause and i'll have it the rest of my life. Your thyroids are necessary for basically everything in your body, and so Hashimoto's creates the effect of being chronically fatigued and perpetually "burnt out" basically for the rest of your life if left untreated. </p> <p>Hashimoto's has made me feel like shit for the last 6 months. I used to be the type of guy you'd expect working at a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB">BB</a></span>, but now I've hardly been able to go to class for about three months and have had to make a lot of lifestyle changes in order to live a normal life. The lifestyle changes have helped, but I still have probably 30% less stamina than I used to. My doctor is going to put me on artificial thyroid hormone to solve this, which should theoretically solve the problem but then again my underlying condition will only get worse over time, it's lifelong, and I'm only 22 now.</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/banking-with-chronic-health-issues" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/banking-with-chronic-health-issues#comments I-Banking Bullpen Banking burnout disease endocrine fatigue hashimoto's health IBD Investment Banking thyroid http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233369 Sun, 20 Apr 2014 03:00:56 +0000 sben3726 233369 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com Harvard or Princeton for Undergrad http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/harvard-or-princeton-for-undergrad <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-234072" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/forums/harvard-or-princeton-for-undergrad"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/harvard princeton.thumbnail.jpg" alt="harvard princeton.jpg" title="harvard princeton.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="75" /></a></div> <p>Interested in <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/company/credit-suisse">CS</a></span>/math/economics/statistics/finance. I like the ORFE major at P, and economics or applied math in econ track at H. Should grade deflation at P be a concern? Is H really more prestigious, or is there no real difference? Does going to H increase my chances for top MBA programs (particularly HBS)? Where should I go to get best recruiting/connections/rigorous preparation for a future on the Street or in management? Thanks a ton.</p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/harvard-or-princeton-for-undergrad#comments Business School Barrage college http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233660 Sun, 20 Apr 2014 00:00:56 +0000 kid-clutch 233660 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com Models and Bottles v3.0 http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/models-and-bottles-v30 <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-233404" style="width: 117px;"><a href="/forums/models-and-bottles-v30"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/unfrozencavemanlawyerdouchebag-vi.thumbnail.jpg" alt="unfrozencavemanlawyerdouchebag-vi.jpg" title="unfrozencavemanlawyerdouchebag-vi.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="117" height="150" /></a></div> <p>Newest iteration of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/how-does-models-and-bottles-work">models and bottles</a></span>, unfortunately for these two tools:</p> <p>(a) they're not nearly young enough for their pathetic personalities to be chalked up to sophomoric immaturity<br /> (b) dude's an associate at Weil Gotshal, which despite being named after two jewish patriachs, is not an <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/searching-for-a-summer-internship">investment bank</a></span><br /> (c) while BSD Ajay probably dropped $1-2k for his conspicuous consumption, these douches, between the production team, helicopters, etc. probably spent $10-20k </p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/models-and-bottles-v30" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/models-and-bottles-v30#comments Monkeying Around douchebaggery http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233405 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 21:00:50 +0000 Marcus_Halberstram 233405 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com bain capital vs. apollo http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/bain-capital-vs-apollo <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-234294" style="width: 131px;"><a href="/forums/bain-capital-vs-apollo"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/bain apollo.thumbnail.jpg" alt="bain apollo.jpg" title="bain apollo.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="131" height="150" /></a></div> <p>Which would you choose for a pre-mba position? </p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/bain-capital-vs-apollo#comments Private Iniquity apollo bain tpg http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233554 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 18:00:53 +0000 wso_user 233554 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com BB's Lowering Hours - Genuine Change or Media Smoke Screen? http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/bbs-lowering-hours-genuine-change-or-media-smoke-screen <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-233529" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/forums/bbs-lowering-hours-genuine-change-or-media-smoke-screen"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/Ease Hours.thumbnail.jpg" alt="Ease Hours.jpg" title="Ease Hours.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="84" /></a></div> <p>The workload placed on Junior Analysts at the major <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/searching-for-a-summer-internship">investment banks</a></span> (<span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/what-is-the-bulge-bracket-BB">BB</a></span>'s) has seen alot of attention lately, with banks promising to ease down on the workload and encourage weekends off. I ran into an interesting article today on The New York Times' "DealBook", titled <a href="http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/04/09/banks-ease-hours-for-junior-staff-but-workload-stays-same/?_php=true&amp;_type=blogs&amp;_php=true&amp;_type=blogs&amp;module=BlogPost-Title&amp;version=Blog%20Main&amp;contentCollection=Investment%20Banking&amp;action=Click&amp;pgtype=Blogs&amp;region=Body&amp;_r=1&amp;" rel="nofollow">Banks Ease Hours for Junior Staff, but Workload Stays Same</a> where current Junior Analysts add their opinions.</p> <div class="quote-msg quote-nest-1"> <div class="wso_icons quote-icon"></div> <div class="quote-author"></div> <p class="firstp">A number of young bankers say that while they can now enjoy a leisurely brunch or a binge of television watching on Saturdays, their overall workload has not changed noticeably. It just gets pushed to a different day.</p> </div> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/bbs-lowering-hours-genuine-change-or-media-smoke-screen" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/bbs-lowering-hours-genuine-change-or-media-smoke-screen#comments Monkeying Around Analyst IBD Banking Hours BB junior analyst work hours http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233530 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 15:00:38 +0000 Goldf1nger 233530 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com Who Wants To Run with the Bulls? http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/who-wants-to-run-with-the-bulls <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-84806" style="width: 115px;"><a href="/blog/who-wants-to-run-with-the-bulls"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/Bull Run.thumbnail.jpg" alt="Bull Run.jpg" title="Bull Run.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="115" height="150" /></a></div> <p><em> mod (Andy) note: "Blast from the past - Best of Eddie" If there's an old post from Eddie you'd like to see up again shoot me a message. </em></p> <p>Some of you might remember a post I wrote at the end of last year about <a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/goals-for-2010" target="blank">goals for 2010</a>. My primary goal for the year was to drop about 50 pounds, and my reward for doing so would be running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain in July. So far, I've dropped about 20 pounds, and I'm really looking forward to the run.</p> <p>A couple of my buddies have decided to run with me, and I got to thinking that it might be cool to extend the invitation to WSO readers. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime type experience, and it might be a lot of fun to put a bunch of douchey finance types in front of a couple dozen enraged bulls. If nothing else, it might be good resume filler and something to talk about with interviewers who will no doubt be jealous.</p> <p><strong>NOTICE: This is in no way, shape, or form endorsed by Patrick or Wall Street Oasis; so when one of you half-sissies gets gored by an angry bull don't start screaming for a <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.jdoasis.com/">lawyer</a></span>.</strong> If you're interested in maybe putting something together, contact me offline at <a href="mailto:eddiebraverman@gmail.com" rel="nofollow">eddiebraverman@gmail.com</a>. I'm talking about man shit here, gentlemen.</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/who-wants-to-run-with-the-bulls" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/who-wants-to-run-with-the-bulls#comments Blog pamplona running of the bulls http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/84807 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 12:00:00 +0000 Edmundo Braverman 84807 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com New Private Equity Prep Pack - $50 Off Pre-sale http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/new-private-equity-prep-pack-50-off-pre-sale <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-234358" style="width: 116px;"><a href="/forums/new-private-equity-prep-pack-50-off-pre-sale"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/PE-Prep-Pack-Cover.thumbnail.jpg" alt="PE-Prep-Pack-Cover.jpg" title="PE-Prep-Pack-Cover.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="116" height="150" /></a></div> <p>The Private Equity Prep Pack has moved through the beta stage and is in it's final editing stages before public release of version 1 before the end of May. Our beta users did an AMAZING job giving us some great feedback which has made this package even more killer.</p> <p>Version 1 when released to the public will include:</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/new-private-equity-prep-pack-50-off-pre-sale" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/new-private-equity-prep-pack-50-off-pre-sale#comments Private Iniquity pe prep private equity interviews http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/234362 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 10:00:05 +0000 WallStreetOasis.com 234362 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com The 2014 WSO Conference is Coming Up Soon. Grab one of the few discounted tickets left! http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/the-2014-wso-conference-is-coming-up-soon-grab-one-of-the-few-discounted-tickets-left <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-231092" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/forums/the-2014-wso-conference-is-coming-up-soon-grab-one-of-the-few-discounted-tickets-left"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/conf2_0.thumbnail.jpg" alt="conf2.jpg" title="conf2.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="84" /></a></div> <p>Hey guys, the 2014 WSO Conference in New York City is getting closer! We're in the midst of planning another fun and informative day at Hotel Pennsylvania in the PennTop Ballroom on June 28, 2014.</p> <p>Get your discounted tickets today before they run out: <a href="http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wall-street-oasis-conference-2014-tickets-7301724655" title="http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wall-street-oasis-conference-2014-tickets-7301724655" rel="nofollow">http://www.eventbrite.com/e/wall-street-oasis-conf...</a></p> <p>We have a flex refund policy so if it turns out you can't go, you still get 100% of your purchase back by as long as you request by June 1. More details and FAQs answered in the link above...</p> <p>Don't forget about all the perks our conference-goers also get:</p> <p>* Free 3 months access to WSO Job Board ($45 Value)<br /> * Free 3 month subscription to the WSO Video Library ($90 value)<br /> * Free WSO T-shirt (Priceless)</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/the-2014-wso-conference-is-coming-up-soon-grab-one-of-the-few-discounted-tickets-left" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/the-2014-wso-conference-is-coming-up-soon-grab-one-of-the-few-discounted-tickets-left#comments I-Banking Bullpen 2014 WSO Conference http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/229991 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 09:00:15 +0000 WallStreetOasis.com 229991 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com LA: The next best transition from NYC? http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/la-the-next-best-transition-from-nyc <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-234400" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/forums/la-the-next-best-transition-from-nyc"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/ny la.thumbnail.jpg" alt="ny la.jpg" title="ny la.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="104" /></a></div> <p>I'm sure most of us are working here in NYC. NYC is great and all, but have you started thinking about what comes next?</p> <p>How many of you want to move on from the city and see what else is out there? I've been thinking about LA a lot.. and I think they offer two different, but great, lifestyles..</p> <p>What are your thoughts on LA after a few years in NYC?</p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/la-the-next-best-transition-from-nyc#comments Monkeying Around nyc vs la http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/233812 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 08:00:53 +0000 CuriousAnalyst 233812 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com New WSO Blogging Internship! http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/new-wso-blogging-internship <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-226905" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/blog/new-wso-blogging-internship"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/WRITING INTERNS_0.thumbnail.png" alt="WRITING INTERNS.png" title="WRITING INTERNS.png" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="148" /></a></div> <p>We are looking for several talented student writers to contribute posts to WSO with the goal of raising the level of quality to our forums and homepage. </p> <p><strong>Internship title:</strong> Finance / Wall Street Blogger Intern</p> <p><strong>Timeline</strong> We ask that you commit to post either 24 shorter discussion style posts or 12 blog style posts (or a combination of the two) over a period of 12-16 weeks. </p> <p><strong>How this differs from our <a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/be-a-wall-street-oasis-contributing-blogger">Contributing Blogger Program</a>: </strong>This internship is geared more towards students and recent grads. Obviously you have less experience than professionals to draw on for your posts so we're looking for more of a <b><em>discussion starter</em></b> style of post. More specifically we want you to research and post up a hot topic relevant to WSO's audience, summarize and/or quote your source, briefly state your opinion, and then open it up for discussion. You will go through the same training that the bloggers go through (instruction doc, videos, short quiz, test post and then afterwards we will set up a phone call to discuss the internship more in detail. </p> <p><strong>What you will write on:</strong>: Hot topics in the financial/business/Wall Street news and other topics relevant to WSO. There is a list of suggested topics you can choose from but if there is a topic of interest you would prefer to write on we are open to hearing your ideas. </p> <p><strong><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/wall-street-oasis-blogger-internship">Click inside the post</a></strong> for more information, examples, testimonials, and to formally apply.</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/new-wso-blogging-internship" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/new-wso-blogging-internship#comments Blog wso internship http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/226906 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 07:00:01 +0000 AndyLouis 226906 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com 5 things to think about during an ER interview to make it sound like you know what you are talking about http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/5-things-to-think-about-during-an-er-interview-to-make-it-sound-like-you-know-what-you-are-talk <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-234396" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/blog/5-things-to-think-about-during-an-er-interview-to-make-it-sound-like-you-know-what-you-are-talk"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/er_16.thumbnail.jpg" alt="er.jpg" title="er.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="129" /></a></div> <p>I noticed there wasn't a lot of interview advice particularly geared towards <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/equity-research-overview">ER</a></span> so I'm just writing down a few things to say during an interview that will definitely make you stand out. </p> <p>1) If you get the question who is the most important client to you, always answer the <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/finance-dictionary/trading-overview">trading</a></span> desk. They are the ones who risk the bank's capital so they should get priority. For any material news on your universe you should always send a quick email to the traders covering your space telling them how this is going to effect your stocks.</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/5-things-to-think-about-during-an-er-interview-to-make-it-sound-like-you-know-what-you-are-talk" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/5-things-to-think-about-during-an-er-interview-to-make-it-sound-like-you-know-what-you-are-talk#comments ER interview http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/234360 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 05:00:41 +0000 bearing 234360 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com WSO Mobile Offers: Text "WSO" to 38470 and get... http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/wso-mobile-offers-text-wso-to-38470-and-get <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-216469" style="width: 150px;"><a href="/blog/wso-mobile-offers-text-wso-to-38470-and-get"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.27.31 PM.thumbnail.png" alt="Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.27.31 PM.png" title="Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 2.27.31 PM.png" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="150" height="70" /></a></div> <p>If you text the 3 letters "WSO" to the # 38470, you will be entered to receive 1 special discount every month to WSO's products and services...these include WSO Resume Review, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/wall-street-mentors-finance-mock-interviews">Wall Street Mentors</a></span>, Financial Modeling Training, WSO Job Board, WSO Video Library and more...again, it's as simple as texting the 3 letters "WSO" to 38470 :-)</p> <p>Thank you for supporting the WSO community,<br /> Patrick<br /> If you text the 3 letters "WSO" to the # 38470, you will be entered to receive 1 special discount every month to WSO's products and services...these include WSO <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/wso-finance-resume-review" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">resume review</a></span>, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/wall-street-mentors-finance-mock-interviews">Wall Street Mentors</a></span>, <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://wallstreetprep.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&amp;aff_id=1000&amp;source=InText" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">financial modeling training</a></span>, WSO Job Board, WSO Video Library and more...again, it's as simple as texting the 3 letters "WSO" to 38470 :-)</p> <p>Thank you for supporting the WSO community,<br /> Patrick</p> <p><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/wso-mobile-offers-text-wso-to-38470-and-get" target="_blank">read more</a></p> http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/blog/wso-mobile-offers-text-wso-to-38470-and-get#comments Blog WSO Discounts http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/crss/node/216470 Sat, 19 Apr 2014 04:00:19 +0000 WallStreetOasis.com 216470 at http://www.wallstreetoasis.com Financial & Valuation Modeling Boot-Camp http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/financial-valuation-modeling-boot-camp <div class="image-attach-teaser image-attach-node-228772" style="width: 100px;"><a href="/forums/financial-valuation-modeling-boot-camp"><img src="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/files/images/bootcamp 6.thumbnail.jpg" alt="bootcamp 6.jpg" title="bootcamp 6.jpg" rel="image_src" class="image image-thumbnail " width="100" height="150" /></a></div> <p><strong><span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://wallstreetprep.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&amp;aff_id=1000&amp;source=InText" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Financial modeling</a></span></strong> is a skill that any investment banking analyst will have to master. Although the majority of <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/searching-for-a-summer-internship">investment banks</a></span> and other financial firms now have formal training programs, many students and prospective finance professionals are choosing enroll in self-study <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://wallstreetprep.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&amp;aff_id=1000&amp;source=InText" rel="nofollow">financial modeling training</a></span> programs to look more competitive to potential employers and position themselves as a valuable asset to the firm from Day 1.</p> <p><strong>Wall Street Oasis</strong> presents <font size="4">35% off </font><strong><a href="http://www.wallstreetprep.com/programs/?transaction=1024b7f7a6dd3d0c20398a89e42b42&amp;offer_id=2&amp;affiliate_id=1000"/ rel="nofollow"><span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://wallstreetprep.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&amp;aff_id=1000&amp;source=InText" rel="nofollow">Wall Street Prep</a></span></a></strong>’s popular 3-day Investment Banking Boot Camps. ***NOTE: When you register with a .edu address the discount will be applied upon checkout ...if you are a student without a .edu address please contact <span class='keyword_link'><a href="http://wallstreetprep.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=2&amp;aff_id=1000&amp;source=InText" rel="nofollow">Wall Street Prep</a></span> directly. Discounts do not apply to seminars run by <span class='keyword_link'><a href="https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?ii=1145861&amp;c=cart&amp;aff=44880&amp;ejc=2&amp;cl=175031" rel="nofollow">CFA</a></span> Societies.*** </p> <p>If you can't attend a boot camp, train yourself with <a href="http://www.wallstreetprep.com/programs/?transaction=1024b7f7a6dd3d0c20398a89e42b42&amp;offer_id=2&amp;affiliate_id=1000" rel="nofollow">Wall Street Prep</a>'s popular <strong>Self-Study programs</strong> and get 15% off as a visitor from WSO! You won’t find that deal anywhere else. 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