GOP's minority problem

No I am not talking them to start pandering to illegals or people that come over and start popping babies every year.

You have this group that
1) leads in small business
2) is most educated in the country
3) has highest average income, with 30% of the households earning over 100k
4) epitomizes the term "hard working" (I know i am generalizing)
5) who gets shafted by handout/ affirmative action policies.
6) and you have a sizable group (koreans) who are tend to be religious and pro-gun!

Elizabeth Warren and the End of Banks?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to hear your thoughts on Elizabeth Warren's election to senate. There has been a lot of speculation that her presence could mean bad news for some of the big banks.

Wake up call for the GOP

Fellow conservatives, there's no way to sugarcoat this. We got our clocks cleaned last night. Yes, we kept the House, mostly due to redistricting by gop state legislatures after the 2010 census. But we lost 2 seats in the Senate when the consensus earlier this year was that we would retake it. We put up terrible dumb candidates who just threw away their races. And of course, for the presidency, we lost an election that should've been ours. Obama is a failed first-term president who failed to present a clear agenda for solving this nation's problems.

So you guys ready for a 2nd Obama term?

It looks like it's over, guys. Obama will win the election by a small but comfortable margin on Tuesday.

1. Romney's momentum after his first debate was halted by Obama's dominating performances in the other two debates.
2. Obama has a firewall in Ohio: popularity of auto bailout, strong labor union presence, superior ground game, Romney's failure to relate to white working class voters in the state.
3. Obama has NEVER not led in the electoral college in the various polls.
4. Hurricane Sandy has been a huge boost, and Obama got insanely lucky with its timing. His good job managing it is pumping up his numbers. And Chris Christie's lavish praise of the president certainly did not hurt.
5. Today's jobs number was pretty solid. It will only help Obama going into the weekend.

Your election prediction

The election is coming up, and it's time to make our predictions!

Although Romney got a nice bump from the first debate, his uneven and erratic performances in the other two, along with Obama's strong performances in those debates, have stunted his momentum. In the foreign policy debate, Obama totally dominated Romney and came across as a strong commander-in-chief. The polls show a virtual tie in the popular vote, but that does not matter since Obama is leading in the swing states. Ohio is his firewall; the auto bailout is very popular there, and Romney has been unable to chip away at the president's lead.

Unemployment below 8%

Unemployment numbers revised upwards for August revised from 96,000 to 142,000, and September fell roughly in line with expectations (114,000). The cumulative effect is a decline in unemployment to 7.8%.

The tragedy of Mitt Romney

For us politics junkies, the collapse of Mitt Romney's campaign is truly stunning. For conservatives, it's infuriating while for liberals, it's pure ecstasy.

What amazes me is how someone like Romney can run such an incompetent aimless campaign. We're talking about a man who by all accounts did extremely well in the highly competitive fields of strategy consulting and private equity. He was a rockstar at bain consulting and bain capital, where everyone thought he was the smartest guy in the room. He also demonstrated remarkable executive skills through his management of the 2002 winter olympics and successful governance of Massachusetts, despite a 85% democratic legislature.

Romney's September Surprise

Some leaked videos of Romney at a private fundraiser with wealthy donors are likely going to make this news cycle a very nasty one to deal with.

ABC Report

The videos from Mother Jones

The main statement:

Liberal coverage of Hurricane Isaac is ridiculous

Ok. I've been busy lately and have drastically reduced my posting but have to get this off my chest, fellow monkeys.

So as you guys know, Isaac is bound to hit New Orleans and the Gulf soon. By all measures, it looks like it could potentially rival Katrina. Our thoughts are with the people who live in that area; hopefully, the damage will be far less severe than Katrina.