Is anyone else feeling like shit today?

Yesterday's verdict by the Supreme Court has taken a full day to set in, but wow, today I feel like shit. America has fundamentally shifted course to a route that may very well lead to its demise. 17% of our nation's GDP has been thrown into bureaucratic hands and will now be a heavy burden on taxpayers going forward. Quality care may be compromised, prices will be regulated and the system will become a typical government mess. Such as Social Security, welfare and other entitlement programs have failed, so will this, and the middle, upper-middle class will receive the shaft.

Atlas Shrugged full movie now available

Unfortunately, just because it's out doesn't mean it's worth watching.

I'm only a few minutes in, but am already pretty disappointed. Moves really fast and the actors are seemingly awful (also, they don't know how to walk naturally, it's really fucking weird).

Anyway, I'll just leave this here. Would love to know what you guys think.

Edit: YouTube link no longer works, here's Megavideo

Atlas Shrugged (movie) torrent?

Can anyone please post a link? All which I found were spoof.

The Randian Economist

I had no intent of giving the old girl so much shine this week, but considering that I have been slacking on my Atlas Shrugged movie review, better to let an expert handle it. Here's Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute remind us yet again, what the moral of the story really is and why the book is more popular than ever. Enjoy the video and most of all...the accent.

Atlas Shrugged Movie

So for those of you that saw the movie what is your opinion of it? Similar to the book, everyone I’ve talked to either hates it or loves it.

Bankers contributing to society?

I was reading atlas shrugged, and I was thinking about why our marvellous capitalist system is so marvellous. It's because people are motivated by money, so they do work to get money. In the process of doing work, they contribute to society. This is the reason why American is such a great country with a great economy (compared to most countries) and the home of many great innovations. All those contributions that made America so great were motivated by profit.

Atlas Shrugged Movie a FAIL

I've yet to read the book, but the trailer led me to believe that the movie would suck a fat one.

More Atlas Shrugged Videos

Here's a Behind the Scenes and an interview with the producers: