Interview Failures

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How about a thread where we post some of the worst mistakes we've made in interviews, or perhaps an interview that just went REALLY badly for you.

Today might have been my worst day as a SA

Manager made me do some difficult task, but I just couldn't handle it. This resulted in him basically scolding me and shaking his head at me and just overall being disappointed.

I wonder if other interns go through similar experiences...

My experience with NYC brokers

After constant struggles to find an apartment without a broker, I gave up and decided to get one. Worked with two terrible brokers, who made my life miserable, showing me apartments that did not fit what I was looking for. Finally, the third one was an honest and helpful woman who I would recommend to anyone. I would not like to advertise here, but if you are interested in knowing with whom I worked with (both the bad and the good ones), feel free to pm me.

Smash My Resume

Please review my resume. I'd appreciate it if you guys gave it a scale 1-10 and how it could improve. Thanks

I naturally look like I'm pissed off all the time...

So I'm pretty sure that I'm one of those people that looks pissed off all the time. I notice when I'm sitting in the bus, or anywhere really, sometimes people will look at me like they're gonna say something, open their mouth, then right when I make eye contact with them, they close their mouth and look away immediately... kinda funny sometimes, but I don't like looking like I want to kick everybody's ass all the time (and looking like I WANT to kick their ass is all I can do since I'm a pretty short guy). I have more examples, but this happened again to me today...

Join Scotch Club = bad idea?

So you guys always say to join clubs that you would actually enjoy, but just how much can you enjoy them? Should they be somewhat professional? Or will getting a leadership position and actually organizing events do?... There's a Scotch club here... how would that be perceived on my resume (from trading/consulting/tech firms) if I were to actually get involved/get a leadership position?There's also a cigar club that I was thinking about joining... though both of them sound like they'd be pretty expensive when it came time to test some stuff out.

Yale Football Coach Lied on His Resume

Just goes to show you that no matter how old you are, it can still bite you in the ass. DON'T DO IT.

Tighter Lending Requirements

For the better part of the last three years the blame game focusing on the housing crisis has been pretty one sided. Evil banksters and shady mortgage brokers colluded to rape the innocent babes of Main Street. Wall Street engineered financial arms of mass destruction which would confound the helpless, honest American homeowner. Or so we have been told…

Obviously, the real story is far more complex and nuanced. Every tango requires two dance partners and in this particular instance it was more like an entire village of idiots having a try at leading the line.

get out while I still can?

I just started working yesterday at my internship at a really small boutique that offers research and banking ( if any banking deals actually come to them). So I primarily do equity research, and also get a chance to do an IPO this summer. Because this firm is so small, chinese wall rules do not apply.

A lot of strange things are happening though.

Office politics and technical problems on day one. OK maybe it was just a bad day.

I work mostly with the research analyst except he always shows up late, and the rest of the firm complains. Maybe he just likes to work at home though.

He was blocked over the phone so he couldn't ask questions during an earnings call. Maybe because this is such a small company.

hours outside of NY, Chicago, SF, Houston--they do exist

OK--so I know there are i-banking groups at BB's and MM's outside of NY, Chicago, SF, Houston etc. They are few and far between, but if you search through online recruiting you can see a random energy IB analyst in phoenix or something. Do these guys work 85 hour weeks too?

What about boutiques--and i mean small 10-20 person M&A boutiques-- outside of the major areas? Most cities have them, and they have UG analysts--and I bet they work 60 - 80 hours.