Gentleman Investment Bank,_Loeb_%26_Co.

Not sure I get the reference but what exatcly was a Gentleman Investment Bank?

Centralized Lending Team - Analyst

I have an interview at JPMorgan for a centralized lending team analyst...does anyone have any info about that position? compensation and interview questions they would ask??

2nd year analyst at a FoF - could I "start over" as a first year in banking?


Have been trying to make the switch for a while with no luck. I'd be willing to start as a first year if it meant breaking into banking - would any places even allow that?

I know most(all?) BBs are done right now but I never really had a shot there anyway. Any decent MMs still recruiting? Have any of you done this before or know somebody that has?

Really need some advice here.



New Here Looking for Advice on Major

Hi everybody! This is my first post here on WSO. I am currently a senior in high school and will be attending college next fall. I am interested in pursuing a career in banking and I have begun to read through WSO and other websites to learn as much as possible about investment banking and other areas of banking. I am planning on double majoring and am seeking advice on what majors would be most beneficial to me. I am considering majoring in Physics and Economics or Physics and Accounting.

Post-MBA IBD associate compensation

For fellow MBAs out there who are interviewing with IBD or taking an IBD offer, what numbers have you been hearing? Seems like most banks are offering $125K base+$50K signing bonus.

Monetary Policy Questions

Some of these questions are probably best suited for any ph.d. economists out there, but I'm struggling a lot with the direction of U.S. monetary policy, and what the implications are for markets. I'm wondering about the interest rate that the Federal Reserve pays on deposits by banks, which currently stands at 25bps. Prior to the financial crisis, there was no such interest paid on reserves (excess or otherwise). Now banks can leave cash or Treasuries (more likely) on deposit at the Fed and receive a free 0.25% just out of the goodness of the Fed's heart. There are about $2.7T in bank reserves at the Fed, translating to $6.7 billion in annual subsidies from the Fed to the banks.

A few questions/observations:

1) What is the purpose of this? To the extent this was put in place in an effort to incentivize banks to carry larger capital buffers, hasn't that already been accomplished (Basel)? Why is it still in effect?

2) Can someone help me understand QE and the net impact on rates?

Accepted an Offer! - How non-targets can "make it"

Hey everyone,

(Edit: Got a number of PMs here - Added my responses below the rest of the post)

I recently accepted a BB offer, am from a non-target, and thought I should contribute something here on WSO given the help and advice I have received from others. However, I did not want to do the typical success story – I tend to see those posts as less altruistic than they may actually be. So, I thought I would compile a short list of non-targets I know that “made it” into IB.

Hope this shows the “secrets” to breaking in from a non-target. Not all are from my school and some are from previous years.


•Started networking one year ago; crashed and burned in banking internship recruiting
•Found a spot at a small, regional PE shop through that networking
•400+ Emails; 100+ phone calls/meetings
•Two self-financed networking trips
•Accepted a BB FT offer
•Connection that got me the first interview where I accepted the offer
-o-Three times rescheduled phone call that turned into a coffee because I flew into his city -> office visit -> superday -> offer

Barclays Situation

Hey guys. Had a friend still in undergrad call me today asking about my opinion on various banks. He was pretty interested in Barcap. I know there were a ton of senior people that left Barcap this summer...while I mentioned that, I didn't want to dissuade them from any bank because I'd feel like a crappy/pretentious person.

JPM Group Opinions

Curious as to the quality of JPM groups. I know everyone says M&A and Sponsors. But a quick LinkedIn screen shows that an equal amount of the MF placement comes from HC, FIG, and TMT.