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  2. Barclays - 97 Salaries Revealed, 52 Interview Secrets

    Here are 97 Salary & Bonus details for Barclays, along with 52 Interview Insights and 17 Company Reviews.

    Nov 4 2015 - 9:55pm

  3. Barclays Best Groups

      Quote   Bookmark   I've been a long time reader of WSO and wouldn't have been able to get SA offers if it weren't for the great advice of the posters on these forums so I can't thank you enough for that. I received an SA offer at Bar ...

    6 comments - 0 silver bananas - Nov 19 2015 - 11:18am -

  4. Barclays Junior Success Program?

      Quote   Bookmark   Hey guys, I have applied to the Barclays Junior Success Program online couple weeks ago. I was wondering if anyone who also applied has heard back yet? Also, does anyone know how the interview will be like? (Technical/Behavioral) Than ...

    38 comments - 0 silver bananas - Oct 2 2015 - 1:58pm -

  5. Barclays EMEA Video Interview

      Quote   Bookmark   Hey there, anyone know anything about Barclays ' new Video Interview stage that apparently replaces the first round telephone interview with HR? I have been invited to one for an internship position in London, but no idea what to ...

    11 comments - 0 silver bananas - Sep 21 2015 - 9:45am -

  6. Barclays London

      Quote   Bookmark   Barcap IB seems to be getting a bit of hate on this forum as of late. I'd like to understand how they stack up within BBs in London and whether it still opens some good doors afterwards- I'm not necessarily all about MF, etc ...

    4 comments - 0 silver bananas - Oct 8 2015 - 5:21pm -

  7. CS SF TMT vs. Barclays NY

      Quote   Bookmark   Received offers for both. Barclays NY would have me placed again through the groups, while CS SF is designated TMT. What is the outlook between the two? In terms of prestige and culture? How about location differences? Barclays ...

    6 comments - 0 silver bananas - Aug 18 2015 - 10:18pm -

  8. Barclays IBD- FIG

      Quote   Bookmark   What is the general perception of Barclay's FIG group? I am in the middle of interviewing for a few BBs and looking to enter into FIG. I understand it may be a specialized industry, but I really enjoyed my experience over the sum ...

    4 comments - 0 silver bananas - Aug 14 2015 - 11:34pm -

  9. Barclays Healthcare deals

      Quote   Bookmark   I've been able to schedule a lunch meeting with an associate within the group and I wanted to find current/recent deals that they have worked on to talk about but I can't seem to find anything. If someone could point me in t ...

    7 comments - 0 silver bananas - Jul 7 2015 - 2:26pm -

  10. LONDON- LAZ v BAML v BarCap (Exploding offers, need advice)

    Quote Hi everyone, Have SA offers for each of these in London, Laz will be a random industry team, BAML is a generalist pool with bits of work from different industries (stick with one you click with, have met and really liked HC, could try to swing joini ...

    16 comments - 0 silver bananas - May 1 2015 - 4:31am -

  11. seeking barx trader

      Quote   Bookmark   My company Elite E Services FX is actively seeking a barx trader who has traded on the barx fx platform live. Elite E Services is looking for Barclays / BARX traders who have traded live on the BARX platform for a black box developmen ...

    0 comments - 0 silver bananas - Nov 11 2015 - 9:26pm -

  12. Barcap Menlo versus BAML PA

    Quote Both teams seem to have good people and culture seemed relatively good for banking. How would you guys compare the two groups in terms of deal flow, culture, work quality, etc? This is for an associate position btw, and both tech coverage roles. Bar ...

    4 comments - 0 silver bananas - May 12 2015 - 12:22pm -


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