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  1. Looking Through the PRISM

    If you haven't heard some leaked NSA documents show that they have been getting direct access to large tech companies servers to gather data on their customers i.e. citizens of the united states and, well, everywhere for that matter. Here's one ...

    47 comments - 0 silver bananas - Jun 9 2013 - 10:18am -

  2. How To Block Your Employer's Monitoring

    If you work in investment banking, odds are your employer monitors your Internet usage and probably blocks your access to certain sites (some cretinous firms even block WSO!). This is all just part of the game these days, and it isn't necessarily a b ...

    32 comments - 0 silver bananas - Nov 2 2013 - 7:45am -

  3. They are what you eat (and drink)

    Uni-lever, Mars, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Kraft, Nestle, P&G, General Mills, Kellogs and Johnson and Johnson. These are the ten companies that rule over many of the brands you buy knowingly or unknowingly. Ever wonder why you can't get a Coke at Taco Be ...

    30 comments - 0 silver bananas - Apr 25 2012 - 5:12pm -

  4. Money Laundering Now Applicable to Virtual Currencies

    Just when you thought you could hide your money somewhere on the internet the treasury department has to step in and kill all the fun. I'm sure many people on here are familiar with virtual currencies like bitcoin, which are now straight in the cross ...

    8 comments - 0 silver bananas - Mar 22 2013 - 10:58am -

  5. New World Order.

          So last night had a good, borderline lunacy and fictional talk with an old pal over some good hash & booze about new world order and the future. You see folks, I am all pragmatic and to an extent will even buy into this rather jad ...

    8 comments - 0 silver bananas - Oct 8 2013 - 11:10am -

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