Quant technology

I'm a technology guy (software, EE, math) partnered with a couple of other other technology guys (no WS, general finance, analyst, trading experience) and we've built a black box system that generates near-term trading signals (long and short) for equities, ETFs, and indices (and probably commodities and currencies - but we've not tested that yet). The accuracy levels for both win/loss rates and percent return per signal appears to be very high (to us, anyway). Anyone have any insights on how to get such a system in front of people who could direct funding and investment capital toward us?

The end of trading?

Do you think someday the human element of trading will be obsolete? Computers seem to be creeping up as "traders"

U.S. Goes to Bat for Goldman's Black Box

Federal prosecutors have filed an unusual request in the case against former Goldman Sachs programmer Sergey Aleynikov - they want the courtroom cleared. As in, no outside witnesses. No press, no gallery, and they've also requested that all records of the trial be sealed.

The bar for clearing a courtroom can be high, said Sandra McCallion, a lawyer specializing in trade-secret cases for the New York law firm Cohen & Gresser LLP. The government has to show that "this is something that is so secret that it will cause harm to [Goldman] if it were made public," she said.

Best Proprietary Trading Firms - 2010

I know this topic was posted before, but it's been a while and a lot has changed recently. I'm looking to hear primarily from active prop traders and those with first hand knowledge and experience; what are some of the best prop firms out there right now, and why? how has HFT and black box/grey box trading affected these firms' strategies and profitability? What are they now looking for in a new hire? and of course... chicago vs new york vs other: what's the best city for prop trading?

How To Create A Black-Box Trading Simulator?

Are there any good books / software programs where I can learn how to create my own black-box trading simulator?

I work at a brokerage firm so I am prohibited from trading any real money unless I trade with my employer, who charge an arm and a leg per trade.