Finding a serious finance opportunity in Charlotte

Hi All. This is my first post on WSO. I'm living in Charlotte right now, and trying to get on a serious/ambitious path in finance. I plan on working in CLT for the next couple years then moving back to NYC where I have some low-mid level contacts at some of the banks (GS, MS, JPM), 1 or 2 in IB, through my parents. I have a relatively weak background. I got into UNC out of state, where I had planned on majoring in Business, but had a lot of health problems, and a really weak GPA first semester, and ended up with a BA in Management and Society (that's one major) and a History minor. My GPA was a 2.4, and my major GPA was only around a 2.8 or so, neither of which are on my resume.

High GPA economics major but internships aren't in finance?

I go to a large state school in the South ranked around 50th overall. I am a business economics major with roughly a 3.89 GPA. The past two summers, I interned with large-scale corporate retail buying and merchandising thinking I'd go into marketing or related.

After actually taking finance and learning about it, I like it a lot. However, I feel like it's too late for me. I really like the industry, though. I don't want to go into BB necessarily, but I'd like a job related to high finance and valuations.

Do I have any chance at regional boutiques or middle-sized banks?

I am pretty sharp and know Excel....just no internships. I don't want to have to go to graduate school just work in finance initially.

New Years Resolution: Not to fuck up.

So this past month has been an eye opener, actually I should say that about this year. To give you some background, I grew up in a middle class household in a developing economy. My parents never had a lot of money but they always prioritized my well being, education etc., so I always got decent pocket money, always had nice clothes and got a decent education. I was always a good student cuz I was smart and not particularly because of my hard work. High school was a breeze, I did well, had solid ECs and at the last minute applied to colleges in America. I got close to a full ride even though I submitted my application in the last round, it was a decent state school with an offer I could not reject.

Any beginner's advice for a finance junior looking to break in ibd


I am junior student looking to get into IBD, nice to meet you all!
Any advice for starters?

I have a 3.9GPA at a target school, but not really good at networking.

Law vs. Investment Banking?


I am trying to decide between going to law school or pursue investment banking. I am good at math, but also love doing persuasive argumentation. Any advice?

Can the guys who have already broken into RE PE or Development comment on how exactly they did it?

I think this would be a good thread for us to build up, and keep running as many of us are trying to break-into RE PE and Development and would greatly value the stories, insights and strategies of other group members who have been successful in this.


Economic Analyst Looking to Move Into Impact Investing could use Modeling Training. Help!


I'm Matt, an Economic Analyst with a trade association in Washington, DC. I'm here at WSO to figure out the best way to break into the impact investing world. I'm drawn to the impact world through my Master's program in International Economic Policy, where I realized two things:

1) Government policy, while important, is way less efficient than smart private sector investment.
2) Given 1, I may have wasted $80K on a Master's Degree.

I would like to build my skill set to help change international development from a donor-based environment to an investment-based environment. I studied Finance and International Finance at the MBA level, but both courses were three years ago and only electives toward my MA. I'm looking to this forum to:

Breaking Into ER: Good GPA, Poopy Internships

I’m graduating May of 2015 as a finance major from a non-target/top tier state school. My grades are good enough with a 3.5 cumulative GPA and a 3.6 major GPA, but my only internship is a ER internship at a bogus firm where I learned no real skills. I've done my best to make it look presentable on my resume, but pretty much everyone who works on Wall Street would be able to figure out it’s bogus. Also, my EC’s are essentially non-existent because commuting 4 hours per day and dealing with family/financial problems left me no appetite for anything school spirit related. I’m taking level 1 of the CFA in December, but even if I pass, I’m pretty sure the bulk of recruiting season will be done by then.

Guidance on breaking into banking as an analyst in Canada?

Hello WSO.

I currently am a student (just finished freshmen year) at a non-target university in Canada in the CS/Math program, I have a 3.5 CGPA (Expecting to bring it up to 3.6-3.7 sophomore year). I have an interest in the capital markets and hope to break into Ibanking in Canada (Toronto area), preferably work at one of the big five in Canada as an analyst. I am just looking for some guidance to breaking into IB (truthfully it doesn't even have to IB, I just aspire to be an analyst at a bank at one of the sectors, simple as that) in Canada, and have thought of two routes to getting there.

How PWM really works (part 2): Breaking In, Staying In, and Getting Out

Hey guys, got quite a few questions on breaking into PWM, so this blog will focus exclusively on breaking in, being successful, and exit opps. If you haven’t read my first post, see the link below:

Part 1: Past, Present, Future, and $$$

Next post will focus on misconceptions, differences between PWM & PB, and if space allows, lifestyle/day-in-the-life.