Best stepping stone to Venture Capital

I'm targeting my sights on getting into venture capital. I want to seek out technology start-ups, evaluate their potential, and execute large investments. So does everybody else, right?

I have three years of experience at a top tier actuarial consulting firm. I've just about got my ASA, if you're familiar with actuarial designations. I've gotten a lot of experience in modeling and have a good mind for finance.

I want to find an intermediate job that will help to put me in a good position to break in. I also want to continue studying and getting designations, if they'll help. I've been mulling around some ideas, and would appreciate your input. Some things I've been considering:

  • taking accounting courses
  • getting my CFA designation

How to realize career goal in PE as a fresh graduate?

Hi, I am a fresh finance master graduate, not from top school and no strong background so far. I want to realize my goal in 10 years. I think there are many ways to get there. I want to know that besides doing investment banking, what are the other ways lead me to PE sector? Can someone show me some career paths to PE? Especially now I am totally new to anything, I am need some advice on how to start my career. Ears up and Thanks buddies!!! :)

Which route to pick: Operations Analyst @ BB, Risk Analyst @ Top Insurance Broker, Corporate Audit @ BB, Financial Analyst @ F50

Hi everyone,

I have a dilemma here in picking what career path I should pursue after I graduate next semester. My ultimate goal is to get an MBA and probably transition to consulting since that was my goal in undergrad but unfortunately didn't get any offers in it. From my understanding here excluding extracurriculars and gmat score, the position and more importantly quality of your work experience is important.

I understand these roles are marginally the same in the sense that they aren't high finance and some are even pure Back Office roles, but with and getting quality work experience in mind for a long term perspective in getting an MBA which of these paths would run me in the right direction to a solid MBA program:

- Operations Analyst - JP Morgan

Goldman Sachs Video Webcast Series

Good day fellow monkeys,

GS is currently hosting a series of webinars online regarding career and recruitment.

Do check it out with this link:

Here is a peek into what's planned up for you:

Webinar Session Date
Skill Session 1: Resume Writing & Interview Skills September 15, 2014
GS Overview September 17, 2014
Global Investment Research Division Overview September 19, 2014
Operations Division Overview September 22, 2014

Webinar Rewind - Building a Resilient Career + Q&A

In case you missed our August 25th webinar entitled Building a Resilient Career, have no fear. The full recording of the webinar can be found below (free until Saturday morning when it goes into our video library).



And, as always, if you want to sign up to hear about upcoming webinars before they happen, sign up inside the post...

How to transition from corporate finance to portfolio management/investment analysis

Undergrad in finance with international experience. I am currently a financial analyst 2 years of experience in corporate finance. I am hoping to get over into an investment analyst/ portfolio manager career path. What is the best way to do so? Is there a certain area of my current company that would be helpful for a transition to an investment analyst/portfolio management position? Should I start looking, but focus on smaller firms?

Also, I am taking the GMAT in a few months and planning to take the level 1 of the CFA either in June or next December, but I am not sure if I should take the CFA first and hold off on taking the GMAT/getting an MBA.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

How relevant is your major?

Hello everybody. I am a sophomore studying mechanical engineering at a non-target with a decent amount of alumni on the street. The thing that I'm concerned about is how people will view me when they see that I am an engineer trying to work in finance. I do not actually want to be an engineer, but I chose it last year since it is something that is interesting, but a little after that I realized I could not see myself being an engineer and being great at it. Working in finance is something I can see myself doing for my entire life and being great at it.

Please give me your thoughts - I am looking for guidance from Wall Streets brightest minds.

Good afternoon WallStreetOasis.

This is my first post but I have been reading these forums for the better part of three years and I simply can't believe the level of "talent" that contributes to this community.

My situation seems to be very different from a lot of people on this forum and of course I am reaching out for guidance.

My story begins in high school. I graduated with a 3.2 GPA and top 10% SAT score. You could say I never really focused on academics because it wasn't something that was rewarded in my household, and at the time I was in love with my sport.

I attended a small liberal arts college because of their baseball program (scholarship helped as well) and it also happened to be located in an area that I love, allowing me to play my sport year round.

Career Advice Please -- Trading, IB, O&G

Hello everyone. I've been browsing this website for a few months now, reading a lot but never posting. In the next 3-9 months I"m looking at switching up jobs and trying to find something that fits me a little better.

About me: Three years out of undergrad, finished my Masters in Accounting a year ago and have my CPA.

For the past year I have been working at a good sized investment firm (20+ B in AUM) as primarily an accountant, but also some finance elements in my job. I work closely with analysts, associates and PMs. We had a variety of investment products, but hedge funds and high yield fixed income is our primary focus and what I am most familiar with on a "non-accounting" level. Work with hedging instruments and FX cash as well.

Career Advice (rising senior engineering student at UMich)

Hi everyone,

I've been a steady lurker on these forums for quite a while now and decided that I should give this a go. I'm trying to break into (management consulting/business/anything not technical engineering related) for a full time position when I graduate and I know recruiting will start when the fall semester rolls around so I wanted your guys' help/opinions on what I should do.